Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Small Business Marketing: What do you expect out of your mobile website?

BusinessSmall Business Marketing: What do you expect out of your mobile website?

So you’ve finally launched your business! How exciting! But how are you able to reach your customers and followers? If you can take your website and expand it to not just for your consumers to view you on their desktop, but being mobile friendly, it can help extend your audience. If your website is portable, it means that users can expect your business to provide an excellent experience on their device. Did you know that nearly half of consumers actually won’t return to a website if a website doesn’t properly load?

How can you make sure your website is mobile-friendly? There are some pretty simple ways to test them which I’ll explain, and it’s pretty crucial to find a way to convert it to help your sales and your business and not turn people away. Your followers who are on the have their phones in their hand and want to be able to look at your business no matter where they are located, as well as make a connection with you. Remember, there is a lot of competition when owning a small company so having this access to your website via their mobile device is essential!

What are some of these ways to help your website be mobile friendly?

Font Sizing- You don’t want to upload to a website and see that the font is difficult to read. That’s a massive turnoff to consumers. Make sure that your font is legible, the right size to fit the phone is about 14. While that may seem big, you don’t want your customers to have to zoom into a text to read. You also want to make sure that if you have any buttons for your consumers to touch, that they are large enough for them to see it. If they are too small, they miss something important.
High-Resolution Images – Have you ever visited a website and realised that the pictures seem blurry? It’s not something that is visually appealing. While some new phones have a great iOS device and a high-def screen, you need to make sure that these also are compatible on your desktop. If your images are high resolution, they will prevent you from having a pixelated image when you view it on a high-definition screen. If your picture is poorly cropped or a distorted image is on your website, it can come off as extremely unprofessional, and your customer will move on to the next one.
Utilize videos and webinars – Using videos as a way to boost your business is another excellent way to keep engagement and your company being talked about. Consumers love videos, and it’s become a real core part of the social meeting between you and your loyal fans. Viewers enjoy that keeps things in perspective and having videos or webinars available for your audience to experience is a great way to communicate with them. You can put many videos on your website. YouTube is a great way to add these items and serves as the grand solution to prevent any issues that could harness your viewers to watch on their phones. There is a YouTube embed code that you can add to your website to make it easy to access.

Now that you know these three great tips to help you with your website and to make it easy to view on your mobile device, there is one company that stands out above the rest to give you everything you need. iMedX is has integrated their medical and health information to make it easy to search for webinars, videos and is easy to access on your phone. It has a full site of high-value revenue management solutions including coding services, result-based consultation, education, training opportunities and so much more! You can learn all of this by looking at their website either on your desktop or your mobile device. Their pictures are pleasant to view, and you don’t need to zoom in on anything to read things. Now that you have an idea of these three easy tips to help your website be easy and accessible to your views via their phones, what changes will you make to your own small business?

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