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Why should you opt for an insurance policy for your Samsung smartphone?

TechnologyWhy should you opt for an insurance policy for your Samsung smartphone?

Samsung acquires a significant market share under the premium smartphones segment in India. The Korean mobile phone manufacturer was one of the few brands that are constantly introducing innovations to smartphones to successfully meet the requirements of mobile phone users across the globe. They also manufacture affordable as well as high-end mobile phones that offer superb user interface and lag-free high octane performance. 

The overall tendency of consumers to purchase premium Samsung phones is on the rise. Consequently, it is quite apparent that no matter how expensive the devices are, they are exposed to breakage and other external damages. Not to mention, the cost of repairing, and in worst cases replacement, of the damaged smartphone parts, especially the mobile display screen is skyrocketing. 

In such a scenario, a Samsung mobile insurance policy is a must for the concerned smartphone users that can save an enormous amount of money in case the phones get damaged or meets any accident.

Reasons to opt for a Samsung phone insurance plan

Buying a high-end mobile phone offers an array of benefits. Nevertheless, the risks of damage or loss of the handset are high too. It can be anything from theft, breakdown and screen damage, to name a few. For this reason, users need to keep a Samsung insurance policy in place that protects them from financial strain that may occur due to a repair or replacement of its parts.

Following are some of the benefits that a Samsung mobile insurance plan offers, making it a suitable coverage plan to avail.

  1. Comprehensive coverage 

Several top insurance providers cover the financial loss up to Rs.10,000 against nominal premium. However, the insurer also sets some clauses regarding these coverage benefits that users must know beforehand.

  1. Accidental damage cover

In the case of mobile phones, damage to screens is one of the most common glitches that users come across. Thereby, the Fonesafe Mobile Screen Protection plan offered by Bajaj Finserv under its Pocket Insurance and Subscriptions can be all that they need to protect their savings against the high cost of screen repair or replacements. Moreover, Samsung mobile phone users can also opt for a customised Samsung screen protection plan for their delicate, high-tech phones.

 Apart from this, several other reasons can lead to the damage of mobile screens.

  • Breakdown protection

Often, due to mechanical or electrical malfunction, a mobile phone breaks down and needs to be replaced. In such cases insurance plans get you covered against the cost of such repair. 

  • Damage due to robbery 

Pickpocketing in public transport and burglary are not rare now. Your mobile phone thus carries a risk of loss due to robbery or theft. In this case, mobile insurance plans can prove to be a life saviour. Several insurers offer up to 100% of the invoice price of a phone as the maximum coverage amount.

How to avail a mobile insurance plan in India?

Following is the step-by-step procedure to avail a Samsung mobile insurance plan online.

  1. First, you need to visit the website of your preferred insurance provider and fill up the online form. 
  2. In the online form, you need to mention your name, mobile number, IMEI number, etc. 
  3. You will get an OTP on your registered number to confirm such purchase.
  4. Finally, you can choose a suitable online transaction mode and make payment.

Following these simple steps, you can avail a Samsung mobile insurance plan in India after premium payment.

Along with mobile phones, Samsung also manufactures different electronics gadgets that are user-friendly as well as pricey, nevertheless, in demand. For example, electronic tablets, and Bluetooth headphones are some of the common gadgets users opt for. You can thus also avail a small gadgets insurance plan to remain covered against several financial liabilities arising due to unforeseen damages to these devices.

Further, besides availing a Samsung mobile insurance policy, you should also pay extra attention to the warranty period of the phones that the company offers primarily. Nonetheless, it would help if you keep in mind that extended warranty and mobile insurance plans are not similar. You should thus read all the policy-related documents carefully before settling for one to understand the benefits.

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