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10 Best Shopping Streets in Europe

Travel10 Best Shopping Streets in Europe

When you think of Europe, you think of quaint little street-side cafes, ancient monuments that have withstood historical events, cultural traditions, and beautiful castles. Every step throughout Europe is like being in a fairytale movie of sorts. There are stunning sights, delights, and experiences for everyone to enjoy.

However, one of the best things about adventuring to a new place is shopping! Everyone is guilty of going on a shopping spree at least once during their vacation. Luckily, the European streets are filled with places to shop until you drop!

Here are 10 of the must-visit European streets to go shopping! 

  1. Prince’s Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

Prince’s Street in Edinburgh, Scotland, is perhaps Europe’s busiest shopping street. It is often regarded as one of the most elegant and iconic shopping streets in the world. Since the early 1800s, this street has been a very popular shopping spot.

It is situated amongst some of the most beautiful buildings you will ever see. Most of the Georgian buildings are large department stores, small speciality stores, and historic buildings, while others are full of bookstores. Just off the side of the street, you can enjoy beautiful urban gardens where you can sit and relax.

You can also visit the Redhouse Nurseries and Tea Garden nearby to recoup after a big day of shopping. While there, you can gain a beautiful glimpse of Redhouse Castle high above the European streets.

  1. Via Dei Condotti, Rome

This popular street is said to be Rome’s version of New York’s 5th Avenue. While it isn’t Europe’s busiest shopping street, it certainly comes close! It is one of the richest streets in all of Italy as well as one of the most picturesque. You can enjoy the famous Spanish steps before walking down the beautiful street to find luxury stores such as Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, and Cartier.

  1. 3

Located in the heart of the city, this street is lined with stunning shops and cafes. It is the best spot for a spot of retail therapy amongst stunning, historic surroundings. Paved in 1468, this street has survived its fair share of misfortune. 

The main street is paved with shiny stone with is basically the same as an indoor floor.

  1. Nine Streets, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Another one of Europe’s busiest shopping streets is Nine Streets in the Netherlands. It is located in the very beautiful Jordaan district and is a favorite of many. Nine streets are made up of three-by-three blocks of roads that are prettily interwoven with canals.

It is here you will find shops selling everything from handmade jewelry to vintage chic items.

  1. The Champs-Elysées, Paris, France

Not only is this one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world, but it is also one of Europe’s busiest shopping streets in the world. This shopping destination is so very beautiful while also being a unique and up-market shopping destination. Beware, though, not all of the prices are within the average person’s reach. 

Most of the shops on this street are designer labels and boutiques such as Yves St. Laurent and Chanel. Paris shopping streets are always well-known for how exquisite they are.

  1. The Lanes, Brighton, England

Brighton’s famous ‘Lanes’ are a well-loved collection of narrow shopping streets in the city’s historic quarter. The maze of twisting alleyways offers an extraordinary mix of antiques and jewelry alongside contemporary and designer boutique fashion. 

While the North Lanes are more creative and edgy, the South Lanes have more traditionally attractive shops. After a day of shopping, you can head over to Herstmonceux Castle to enjoy the rest of your day.

  1. Mittenwald, Bavaria, Germany

If you’re looking for a place where Old Germany still exists, Mittenwald is the place to be. It is one of the best-known European streets with painted buildings that are insanely eye-catching. Head to the main street to buy minerals, clothing, gems, and linen.

Nearby, you can enjoy a bite to eat at one of many outstanding restaurants. 

  1. Getreidegasse, Salzburg, Austria

Getreidegasse is a very attractive and busy shopping street in the Old-Town section of Salzburg. With narrow houses tightly nestled together and enticing shops, it is well worth the visit. While there, you should also pay a visit to the place where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born and lived until the age of 17. 

It is the house at No. 9.

  1. Any Narrow Street in Venice, Italy

Venice is filled with stunning streets full of shops. When you head away from the main tourist areas, you’ll find unique stores selling handmade crafts, traditional foods, and local products. These beautiful European streets may be hidden, but they’re worth the find.

  1. The Shambles, York, England

This beautiful street was recently voted as the most picturesque street in all of Britain. It is a centerpiece of historic York. Previously home to over 25 butchers shops, nowadays, you can stroll along the street lined with delicious eateries and small independent stores.

Dating back to over 900 years ago, it is believed to be Europe’s best-preserved Medieval street.

If you’re craving some retail therapy while in Europe, head to one (or more) of these European streets to get the most out of your shopping trip!

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