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Daily Contributors has been a central point of technology and finance since 2018, which gives insight on research, analysis, and education that revolves around the Bitcoin industry and its blockchain technology. As of now, it is the most reliable and authentic source of information concerning Bitcoin and the entire industry that has rooted in it. 

The purpose of Daily Contributors is to deliver relevant and credible information to the concerning communities and audience. We want our readers to remain engaged with the ever-evolving Bitcoin technology, communities, and its solutions. Daily Contributors is not only for investors, developers or entrepreneurs, it also enlightens pathways for new readers and people interested in the blockchain industry. Not only that, but we also ensure that the readers are filled in with both the ups and downs of the Bitcoin industry.


We accept content that is Bitcoin-focused i.e., “BTC” or “Bitcoin Core”, unpublished, original, and unique. The material should fall into the category of either politics, culture, or economics along with a strong affiliation to the Bitcoin industry. We highly demand submissions that directly or indirectly refer to Bitcoin; it could be about investment, regulation, or privacy. Previously, we have ceased considerable submissions because they lacked a Bitcoin-focused element in their content. 

Daily Contributors typically accepts written article submissions from interested individuals but also uses mediums like live streams, memes, podcasts, and articles to deliver the content. 

We encourage Bitcoin-focused leaders and experts to join hands with our community and submit guest posts to the Dailycontributors. The acceptance of their submission is decided upon their merit and preference of our reader audience. 


Follow the below-mentioned criteria for your easy submission to [editor.dailycontributors@gmail.com]:

  • Your email should have the subject line “CONTRIBUTOR SUBMISSION” along with the title of the article
  • Is your email response to “request for articles”?
  • Does your article reflect a piece of news, announcement, or opinion (pick one)?
  • The email should include the Author bio and relevance as an expert on the chosen topic
  • The body of the email should include a maximum of 150 words of Summary
  • The body of the email should not include article content
  • The article should be between 800 to 1200 words which can be viewed and edited in a collaborative format such as Google Docs. 

These guideless, if followed correctly, will most probably get your submission accepted at the Bitcoin Magazine, provided your content is Bitcoin-focused and unique.

In case your Article gets selected for publication, you must sign the Guest Contributor Agreement to take the process further. 


Our platform is designed to harbor multiple viewpoints simultaneously. There are no limitations when it comes to the Bitcoin industry, because the technology itself, has survived this long due to broader mindsets and a unique viewpoint. We welcome all Bitcoin-focused material whether it fits us or not. 

We guarantee you that none of your submitted content will be stolen or tampered with by us. Before sending your content, make sure to timestamp the existence of your submitted content.


We do not accept all contributions as not all of them are considered for final publication nor do we respond to all submissions. 

Your submitted contribution content must be unpublished and original and should not include announcements, generic content, or press releases. For further consideration, you can send the press releases to [editor.dailycontributors@gmail.com]. 


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