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10 Crucial factors for iOS applications

Apple10 Crucial factors for iOS applications

IOS applications are considered to be more popular than android apps. Apart from that, IOS applications are easier to build as they consume less time and cost less. There are over 2.2 million IOS applications available on the apple app store that users can choose from. Without helping the application stand out there is no way to increase its downloads and installs, it’s impossible for developers otherwise.

Similarly, developers cannot encourage users to opt for an IOS app without optimizing it for a better user experience. In manner to do that, they will be required to implement a custom app strategy to highlight the application’s individuality, enabling it to become popular and commercial in the long run. However, there are certain factors that are needed to be taken into consideration whilst forming an IOS application and streamlining the developmental processes, such as;

10 Important factors to consider for an IOS app

Targeting audience: 

Several studies have been conducted that suggest that Apple users tend to spend more money on the in-app purchase and smartphone commerce transactions than android users. However, the choice of mobile application varies based on the user’s preferences. Whilst planning the IOS application, iPhone app developers must identify and analyze their targeted audience. It is crucial to define certain factors such as geographical location, age groups, occupations and interests for those who use IOS applications are most likely to use your application.

Programming languages: 

At the moment, apple allows two official languages for IOS apps that are Object-C and Swift, programmers can choose either one of these to form their application. Objective-C is one of the most effective and mature programming languages whereas Swift has been designed by Apple for IOS app development. In a nutshell, both are compatible with app development hence must be picked and utilized appropriately by developers.

Competitor examination: 

There is an array of applications on app stores and that makes it a tough competition for applications to stand out. Developers are required to look for ways to stand out from their competitors to gain more downloads and installs for their application. And the best way to approach this is to scrutinize competitors and their methods. The initial research is going to help them highlight factors that can make an influence on their application and implement them to optimize user interface and use experience.

Developmental methodology:

Developing a mobile application requires the developer to define platforms upon which the application is supposed to launch on. In case they decide to form the application on the IOS platform first then they will have to work with Object-C or Swift. On the other hand, cross platform mobile app development tools allow programmers to form native applications that work on IOS and Android both with a single code base that can be shared for each operating system. A good example of a robust cross platform tool is Xamrarin that is widely used by developers, it offers a native app like user experience through the access of native UI and APIS. However, the tool required programming language to be in C#.


Apple allows its developers to wireframe IOS applications without consuming extra time and exertion. And that makes it easier for developers to explore with innovative UI and UX concepts through portraying the main components of the IOS application. Features and functionality can even be tested by the client and changes can be made to the wireframe before the app develops.

UI and UX:

After the wireframe has been set, the developer can work on IOS applications UI and UX design. However, it’s important to focus on these two features to gain users, retain them and to beat competition present within the industry. It does not end there, UI tends to make an influence on downloads whereas UX manages user abandonment and decreases it. The developer must understand schemes that are beneficial for revenue generation as well as for applications’ success.

Backend development: 

An IOS application can be built with multiple backend options. Customized backends can be created to enable database connectivity, allowing the IOS app to connect with local database through APIs. Therefore, developers should focus on solutions that manage user experiences consistently without making processes expensive.


Keeping an application profitable for the long run is not an easy task, especially without understanding the requirements and needs of users. It is essential to note down behaviors of users to understand their preferences to avoid app abandonment and meet businesses’ wants. It is important to dig into the right mobile analytics to grown an IOS app.

Safety and privacy:

As per recent studies, it has been concluded that data scandals often compel users to uninstall applications. Applications that do not safe keep user data and their privacy tends to repel away users. This is why it’s important to create an IOS application with robust security features that provide the advantage of data encryption and convince users regarding their data being kept secure. Developers are even required to perform security testing that allows them to eliminate factors that compromise security.

Reviewing on the app store:

It is hard to list an IOS app on the apple store without meeting the guidelines that have been set by apple. It is essential that the developer comprehends and implements review guidelines whilst they develop an IOS app. User experience can be enhanced by removing the chances of the app being removed from the app store.

As a whole, it is important for the developer to pay attention to these 10 factors mentioned above to create an exceptional application on IOS. However, they must keep in mind to provide leverage to users for them to explore within the app through features and functionalities. Trends are in constant growth, they are an important part of the industry and that emphasizes the need to keep in contact with recent and future trends.

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