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10 Practices You Should Adopt When Dating Russian Women

Lifestyle10 Practices You Should Adopt When Dating Russian Women

To fall in love in today’s time when nonchalance has become a trend has proven to become a challenge. Hence, dating a Russian lady in this age of indifference is rather brave and impressive.

Making your interethnic relationship last will somehow become a battle of patience and understanding. And, if you’re sincerely up for it, you will need a plethora of knowledge to know them better.

Lucky for you, we gathered the ultimate practices you should adopt when dating a Russian lady. All these should help you win your Russian date’s heart. Enjoy!

A Quick Backtrack on Russian History

Russia is a beautiful country with a sad history.

The Russian Federation, or simply Russia, stretches over a vast expanse, mainly concentrated in the northeast and intermittently to the southern border. The country covers so much land that it spans territory in both Europe and Asia. All of which rest the country’s most beautiful tourist spots like The Hermitage Museum, Dargavs, the City of the Dead, and Grand Cascade of Peterhof Palace.

So, to say that Russia is a big country is an immense understatement.

Russia was also a diverse, multiethnic country that practiced different religions and spoke various languages. But, the Soviet administration preferred an atheist government that speaks plain Russian. It then suppressed minority dialects and ethnic groups and discontinued assisting anyone that refused to conform to their mandates.

The harsh ruling of the Soviet regime brought about an economic downgrade and became the primary reason why most young girls and lads avoided marriage. The worst part was people only marry as a result of unplanned gestations.

However, the end of the Soviet regime freed Russia from these strict rules. It made way for linguistic, religious revival movements and improved the economy in various ways. 

All these don’t necessarily mean the Soviet rule didn’t bring any good to the Russian government, though. Most Russians are thankful for their educational system. The Soviet government proposed a cultured and educated Russia whereby history classes should include Russian, European, and American History. At the same time, linguistic education includes literary classics from authors like Tolstoy, Pushkin, and Dostoyevski.

Practices to Adopt When Dating a Russian Lady

The rigid ruling of the Soviet regime prompted the locals to cling for mercy from higher beings. For almost a century of their governance, over 5,000 religious organizations rose. This, in turn, resulted in a superstitious Russia.

While a portion of these superstitious beliefs is scarce today, the majority of the Russian citizens still practice them. Most locals even apply them in their daily living habits.

To display a great impression on your Russian date and her family, below are the things you should adopt. We also included Russian customs you should apply when dating a Russian lady.

1. Lose the smile — at least when you’re in public

When you are in Russia, you will rarely see someone smile in public. Anyone that has lived in Russia for a long time knows that it is traceable to when people associate smiling as a tactical move to get what they want.

Russians do not also like to act joyful in public or mask awkwardness with silly performances. They are what you see and will not pretend otherwise.

2. Take off your shoes inside a house

Russian families are great hosts, but they will resent you if you come inside their homes wearing your shoes. 

Taking off one’s shoes is a centuries-old custom in both Russian and Asian cultures. When entering your date’s home, be sure to take off your shoes immediately. Besides the issue of cleanliness, taking off one’s shoes is also a sign of respect.

3. Show respect to their Babushki

Babushki or grandmothers are very important in every Russian lady’s life. They value their grandmothers’ opinions and follow them as much as they can.

Showing your respect to the person whom they hold high regard for will be an advantage for you. Although Babushki can be intimidating or hostile to you at times, respect them nevertheless.

4. Offer your seat

Whether you’re on the bus, train, or anywhere in public, offer your seat to a lady. Courteous men never ceased to exist in Russia. Adopting these habits — which the world thinks is dead — is a plus point for you as they’re still customary in the country.

Anyway, you’ll receive threatening looks from older women should you refuse to offer your seat to them.

5. Bring a gift with yourself, always

Russians consider gift-giving as a national tradition. It’s part of who they are, as Russians are generous by nature. So, showing up at a family or social gathering without a gift for the host can be offensive.

Your gift doesn’t even have to be luxurious. Russians would appreciate any present you got for them as long as it is meaningful.

6. Be the perfect gentleman

Russians are inherent romantics. While the world is content with indifference and composure to give someone special the space they need, Russians aren’t. They hold high value to connections, grand gestures, and warmth.

Women in Russia also look for the perfect gentleman who can sweep them off of their feet. They like men who bring flowers at first dates or respect their family at the succeeding ones. They appreciate old-school romance and crave it in this age of coolness and nonchalance.

7. Study their cultural history

While people outside of Russia see it as a dull country, it is the contrary. Russia has a colorful past, from its visually pleasing folk costumes to its ornate architectural designs.

With this, Russian culture has a long and rich history steeped in literature, ballet, art, and music. And to see their past is to appreciate the beauty of the world’s cultural history as a whole.

8. Be serious

If you wish for a long-lasting relationship with your Russian date, treat the relationship seriously. Although Russians have adopted a few Western cultures, they still see dating as a long-term commitment and marriage as the ultimate goal.

So if you only want a casual date, tell her before she starts investing deep feelings for you.

9. Interest yourself with deep and meaningful matters

A Russian social group usually involves friends talking about societal or governmental issues. Don’t get this wrong; they are up for anything fun and rowdy, too. However, they also prefer discussing current affairs.

Russians are deep like that. In fact, they dislike superfluous conversations or small talk in public. So, to be irresistible in her eyes, learn Russian history and be up to date with the local news.

10. Have a clear career path

While romance is part of the Russians’ genes, they are still practical beings. Hence, they prefer a man who provides them stability.

Russia has been through a lot of economic difficulties. That’s why women often choose a man that can provide them emotional and financial security. Women in the country are scared by an obscure life plan and approach these situations with skepticism.

Keep it going!

Nobody said cross-cultural romances are easy. Getting to know someone who walks an entirely different path than you do is one thing. But, extending your patience or studying their culture and language is an added challenge.

Your being here is a significant first step to making your relationship stronger. Keep it going, yeah? All the best.

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