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3 Key Traits of Australians

Lifestyle3 Key Traits of Australians

Australia is the world’s largest island and is home to over 26 million people. Given the size of the country, in terms of sheer land area, it has a relatively small population compared to countries, such as England and France, which are far smaller. France is a country with a population of over sixty-five million people, but it would fit approximately fourteen times into Australia. Australians are known the world over as being warm and friendly people who enjoy a variety of fun pursuits in their free time. From the classic Australian barbecue to hitting the beach to surf or simply soaking up the sun, Australian culture is well known. This article explains three key traits of Australians, other than their love of barbecues and beach life, which will be interesting to readers who are unfamiliar with the Australian way of life.

They Love to Gamble

Many countries have populations that enjoy gambling on an occasional or regular basis. America is home to Las Vegas, which is renowned as one of the gambling capitals of the world. However, it is estimated that around 6.8 million Australians gamble regularly, which makes Australia one of the world’s biggest gambling nations based on per capita gambling. Whilst there are not a huge number of brick-and-mortar casinos in Australia, there are a growing number of new casinos online that cater for Australians who enjoy gambling. At such virtual venues, you can find Australians enjoying games at “pokie machines”, which is one of their preferred forms of gambling. Pokie machines are like slot machines and have been an important feature in Australian casinos for years due to their popularity. 

A Love of the Outdoors

With vast stretches of unspoilt beauty on the Australian coastline, and some stunning wilderness environments inland, it is little surprise that Australians love few things more than getting out into the great outdoors. Many Australians will spend the weekend at the beach during the summer season (which is during the winter months in the northern hemisphere) or will take road trips out into nature with friends to enjoy camping under the stars. The relatively unpopulated environment means that nature is close to many Australians who live outside the bigger cities, such as Sydney and Melbourne. Backpacking is also a common pursuit of Australians in their early adulthood and many people travel great distances around the country or abroad in this way.

Socializing Is Key

Australians are generally regarded as very warm and welcoming people who enjoy socializing at a wide variety of events. From hosting barbecues for friends and family to hitting the big cities for a weekend of partying, Australians make the most of their free time. Whilst some more reserved nations may find that their attitude can seem overly gregarious or even a little brash, it is often the case that they are simply very friendly people who genuinely enjoy meeting friends and making new acquaintances. In short, if you plan to visit Australia, be ready for an exceptionally warm welcome and people who are happy to party at every available opportunity.

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