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3 Reasons Why Edinburgh Is The Go-To Staycation This Year

Travel3 Reasons Why Edinburgh Is The Go-To Staycation This Year

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t do anyone favours. Holiday goers had their trips cancelled all over the world, and a lack of tourism around different locations took a huge financial hit for local businesses. As we come out of lockdown, the uncertainty of the past 18  months can be very daunting when travelling abroad. So why not stay at home?

Here are 3 reasons as to why you should choose Edinburgh when planning your 2021 UK staycation:


Edinburgh is full of culture. There is an aura of medieval spirit in Edinburgh, and you only have to step foot in the beautiful city before it hits you. Dating back to 1130, when the castle was built, Edinburgh isn’t shy to show the world why it is Scotland’s capital city. 

If you are a history geek, then Edinburgh is the city for you. Perhaps you are a Georgian fanatic and interested in the ‘Enlightenment’ period of financial prosperity, or even devoted to the Victorian era and interested in the industrialisation of ‘Auld Reekie’. With so many guide options around the city, you will not be left disappointed.

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Food & Drink

We all love to indulge, and with Edinburgh having such a wide variety of food and local cuisine to choose from, what are you waiting for? Us Brits are partial to a breadcrumb ball of yolk, and you won’t find a more traditional snack than a Scotch egg. Although the locals may tell you that a Scotch egg is actually English and not Scottish, just ignore them and pretend it is! 

‘Edinburghers’ will tell you that there is always room for Haggis. Considering haggis is the national dish of Scotland, it would be incredibly rude to not visit some of the best reviewed places to acquire Haggis in Edinburgh; The Royal Mcgregor, Whiski Bar, Arcade Bar.

Afternoons and evenings of drinking and eating out is something that we have all missed. You won’t find any better time to visit Edinburgh after the pandemic. The dark side to this is so many local businesses have suffered from the lack of visitors in the city, and now it’s time to make it up to them! With so many highly rated dining places in the outskirts of Edinburgh, and the city buzzing once again, it may be a good idea to enquire about a car hire in Edinburgh to save some time on your trip and avoid waiting for busy local transport, and to stay COVID aware.

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Family Day Out

There are an estimated 12.4 million kids in the UK, and they must have so much energy to burn after the last year and a half! Edinburgh is at your disposal for a fantastic day out with the family. There are so many activities to do in and around the city.

Edinburgh Zoo is a fantastic option. With so much opportunity for your kids to see different reptiles, birds, and mammals that they would only ever see on the TV, Edinburgh Zoo brings an element of education to your day out – not forgetting the National Museum of Scotland.

There are so many family-friendly festivals around Edinburgh. Upcoming, the Scottish International Storytelling Festival runs from 17th – 31st October this year and is the perfect idea for a family day out! With expert storytellers putting the room completely under the spell of Scottish imagination and magic, prepared to be thrilled.

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