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4 Weight Loss Pill Ingredients That Actually Help With Dieting

Health4 Weight Loss Pill Ingredients That Actually Help With Dieting

Weight loss is never an easy journey and it requires a lot of self-discipline and commitment. It, therefore, helps to consider several factors that can make the journey easier. You must maintain a healthy diet, and exercise regularly and consistently for any results. You could also incorporate the use of a trainer or fitness coach who will motivate you to stay committed and help you with your nutrition for instance. Moreover, you could consider the use of fat burners or weight loss supplements to help you lose weight fast. This is a booming business, as many individuals all over the world are willing to invest in these supplements to help them achieve results, as they can make exercising and dieting easier. It can therefore be daunting to select a suitable and effective pill from the wide variety of options available.

We have therefore listed down four pills that you can try as follows: 

  1. Qsymia

A common technique incorporated into weight loss supplements is the use of appetite suppression. These pills work by creating a feeling of fullness when you eat, therefore causing you to eat much less. They can also control hunger pangs. These pills can prove to be effective, as they will enable you to maintain a calorie deficit which is necessary for weight loss. One of the weight loss pills that fall under this category is Qsymia, which is a combination of two drugs that are also FDA-approved: phentermine and topiramate. Phentermine is an appetite suppressant, while topiramate serves as an antiepileptic drug. The safest way to use these pills is by obtaining a prescription from your doctor as they know what can work for you best. Furthermore, there is a certain criterion that one would need to first achieve before using these pills, such as having a body mass index of 30. You could also use the pills with a body mass index of 27 and if ailing from a weight-related condition such as type 2 diabetes or hypertension. Patients who are pregnant or planning to be pregnant should not take the supplement, as it can lead to birth defects. However, one can suffer from kidney stones if you do not take enough fluids while using the pill. It is best therefore that you take this medication only with the doctor’s approval.

  1. Orlistat (Alli)

Drugs such as Orlistat, which goes by the name Alli, work by preventing the absorption of fat from food. For fats to be absorbed into the body, they have to be broken down into smaller pieces first. The drug, therefore, works by blocking this enzyme, preventing the intestines from absorbing this fat. It is therefore passed out of the body. This helps in boosting weight loss since it reduces the number of calories taken in from the food. These pills do not however block the absorption of sugars from other types of food. To maintain a calorie deficit, therefore, you would need to still pay attention to the portions of other food groups that you eat.

  1. PhenQ

There are other types of pills, which, based on the ingredient composition, help to increase thermogenesis. This process in turn increases the number of calories burned. Other ingredients such as L-carnitine, caffeine, or green tea extract will help your body to burn more fat into energy. With a careful selection of ingredients, you can thus find slimming pills that will effectively boost your metabolism and enable your body to lose fat and consequently shed more pounds. One such pill that uses this method is PhenQ. This supplement is listed as one of the best weight loss pills on the market. The product is designed to boost metabolism and fat burn through a patented fusion of Capsimax powder and α-Lacys Reset formula. Moreover, the supplements help to reduce appetite through ingredients such as chromium and caffeine. The product is vegan and has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

  1. Lean Bean

Some supplements utilize several techniques to increase your chances of getting the best or desired results. One such supplement is Leanbean. Created mainly to target the female audience, Leanbean has an ingredient list designed to help women shed extra pounds. With glucomannan, the product can help to reduce appetite and cravings, as the ingredient takes up water and expands in your gut, therefore creating a feeling of fullness. Moreover, the supplements contain ingredients like Garcinia Cambogia which is said to inhibit fat absorption in the body. You can buy Leanbean on amazon or their official website.

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