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6 Places to Put Runner and Carpets in Your Home

Home & Garden6 Places to Put Runner and Carpets in Your Home

When it comes to the designing and decoration of the floor, runners and carpets are a must. Despite the marble, tile, or wooden flooring, carpets and runners are used to add extra element and grace. They are classy and provide elegance to the room. Also, it can be used to add subtle color to the flooring. People usually assume that carpets are only used in halls, but this isn’t true; there are multiple rooms where you can place your runners and carpets. Here are six places where you can use runner or carpet in your home:

  • Entrance – If you have a long narrow entrance, placing runner there is the perfect place. It protects the flooring from dust and scratches and welcomes the guest. Entrance is the place where you will mostly travel; therefore, you need to cover it up. It will increase the elegance of the floor and will also be easy for you to clean the area. 
  • Living Room – Another perfect spot to place a carpet is in the living room. You might have seen, in luxury villas and homes, plenty of carpets are used. The majority of them are in the living room, usually under the main center table. The color of the carpet and design is based on the color, theme, and furniture of the living room. Thus, by placing carpet in the living room, you protect the floor from scratches from the table’s edges, thereby giving it a beautiful look. 
  • Bedroom – The bedroom should be as cozy and comfortable as possible. It is essential to make your bedroom soothing and cozy. You go to the bedroom to relax; hence, it should be made and decorated in such a way that it provides you relaxation and is pleasant on the eyes. For this, you can add a runner on both sides of the bed or place carpet on the foot of the bed. Not only will it provide comfort but also complement your room. 
  • Bathroom – Bathrooms are often overlooked while decorating. Despite everything, they should also be decorated and styled. In bathrooms, carpets or runners can be placed in front of the sink and vanities, and it will help make your bathroom more graceful and add color along with style. 
  • Staircase – Another perfect place to use a runner is on the staircase. In multiple movies, you might have seen long runners placed on the staircase complementing the stairs and providing protection; similarly, you can use it. Wooden or polished stairs are extremely beautiful, but they can be slippery. To avoid any danger or accident, it is better to use a runner. It will reduce noise, prevent you from slipping or falling and preserve the stairs.  
  • Kitchen – Most people don’t think of using a runner or carpet in the kitchen. Still, it can also be used in the kitchen, giving the room more character and adding color. It provides a good tone to the kitchen and inspires your color theme. 

Now you know that runners and carpets can be used in bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, staircase, hallways, and entrance other than the living rooms. So, get your hands on the perfect carpet and make your home more classy and elegant. 

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