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6 Tips for Using Instagram Automation to Grow Your Business

Social Media6 Tips for Using Instagram Automation to Grow Your Business

Instagram automation has become one of the best ways to generate leads, increase your reach, and grow your business. It involves using third-party tools and applications to complete certain tasks on your Instagram account. Instagram automation can be an amazing way to save your marketing team some time and money.

There are plenty of Instagram automation tools you can choose from, but how do you know which ones are legit? The goal of these tools is to help you grow your business and improve the efficiency of your marketing efforts. 

However, if you’re not careful, you can come into conflict with the increasingly strict anti-automation rules that Instagram has. For instance, Social Meep is a growth service that was the reason why many users found their Instagram accounts banned after they signed up.

To help you, we’re here to offer you some tips on how to use Instagram automation correctly in order to grow your business.

  1. Use the Right Tools

You can make your life easier and save a lot of time by choosing the right automation tools. For instance, using a chatbot can help you automate the process of engaging with your audience by replying, commenting, and liking to story mentions.

Additionally, by setting up FAQ automation you can free up the time of your social media manager and allow them to focus on high-priority tasks such as growth campaigns. Moreover, you will make their work a lot more pleasant, since you will be reducing repetitive and mundane tasks they have to go through during their day.

  1. Embrace Chatbots

If you produce engaging content and have a large Instagram following, then chances are you’re going to get a lot of messages. It can be tricky to reply to all of them when you do it manually. 

Responding to messages by customers in real-time requires you to constantly check your notifications, and open the app many times throughout the day. Luckily, with Instagram automation, you can respond to all of your messages in an efficient matter.

Your audience wants to get an answer to the questions and concerns as quickly and easily as possible. For this reason, your followers will be okay with you using chatbots to answer their questions.

When you’re setting up your messages, we would recommend that you always have a call to action. The end goal would be to continue the relationship, whether it’s on or off Instagram. Some good examples would be your newsletter, email, sales representative, or website.

  1. Don’t Spam People

Remember that people want to interact with each other and that they come to Instagram because it’s social. Instagram is often perceived negatively due to spambots that send automated comments on posts such as ‘amazing photo’ or ‘hi’.

You need to make the messages personal if you want your business leads to notice them. Even something as simple as greeting them and using their name would be sufficient for them to take some interest in what you have to say.

  1. Track Hashtags

Whether it’s an industry hashtag or a branded hashtag you want to keep an eye on, you don’t need to waste your time by tapping on several hashtags every day. Instead of doing this, you can track hashtags automatically through social monitoring. Social monitoring means tracking hashtags relevant to your brand in order to stay informed about your industry and audience.

  1. Don’t Buy Followers

One of the worst things you can do with Instagram automation is to buy Instagram followers. Even Instagram states that they want the content to come from real people, and in order to achieve this they have plenty of authenticity measures in place. As we previously mentioned, Instagram is getting a lot better at detecting activities by bots. All in all, bots are not a viable or effective way of Instagram automation.

  1. Schedule Posts

Constantly opening and closing Instagram throughout the day to create and publish new content is a waste of time. Something that is a major lifesaver is scheduling your posts. Create several Stories and posts in advance, and then schedule them to publish automatically at the time you want.

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Final Thoughts

Managing your business is already time-consuming enough. Using Instagram automation will help you stay on top of your Instagram marketing game while expanding your reach, attracting more followers, and creating authentic relationships with your followers. If you haven’t taken advantage of Instagram automation by now, this would be the perfect time to leverage these tools. 

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