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Grow Your Interior Designing Brand With Instagram

Social MediaGrow Your Interior Designing Brand With Instagram

Whether in terms of relevance and significance, the popularity of Instagram has been rising in leaps and bounds. Today, the interior designers envisage this social media platform to connect with hundreds of potential audience. Here is a quick snapshot of the ideas to keep in mind when starting a home décor page on Instagram. 

  • The photos you post on Instagram should complement each other. When the audiences visit your page, they should immediately recognize that you are dealing with home décor.
  • The audience is more likely to follow your page when they get information they need. 
  • The posts on the Instagram account page should center on items related to décor. If you also own other businesses and have dedicated pages on Instagram, try to avoid messing it with the home décor page as it can baffle the visitors.
  • Using hashtag to let your business grow is one of the best ideas to follow. Therefore, you can include them in about twenty of your photos.
  • Try to humanize your posts when sharing them with the visitors. 
  • Make the photographs of home décor bright and vibrant.

Finally, you need to have fun with your posts, especially about the entry and exit of the followers.  Instead of comparing your feeds with the rest, you need to create an individuality of your own.

Setting the profile

One of the most significant ways to make sure that your brand is easily discoverable is through an appropriate business name. You are free to experiment with various ideas but choose a name that resonated with your niche and allow people to understand that you deal with home décor ideas and accessories. You can check other Instagram accounts for business names ad make sure you include the business image on your profile. 

Content reflects your brand

You can post images of kids, pets, travel, and food, but it needs to focus on your business image. Therefore, an interior design account should depict beautiful interiors. Accordingly, you can add a lot of colors, especially those they prefer. Instagram is a quick portfolio, showcasing your home décor in the screen of a Smartphone. 

In the world of smartphone and hashtags, Instagram is one of the best ways to allow your interior design business to grow. There is hardly a way to present your work for obtaining more exposure than growing your followers through Instagram. Although most of the interior designers have an online portfolio, it can be tough to get traffic to your site. Instagram is one of the highly visual platforms where you need to post content regularly to grow your engagement. Even if you have expertise in different areas of interior design, you can hardly make profits without people noticing your account. Creating a place among the designing community of Instagram is the best idea to follow. Keeping in mind that any body can open an account on Instagram, you need to know how to increase the number of followers and grow the business. 

Best time of posting content on Instagram

Apparently, posting content on Instagram frequently seems simple, but the amount of efforts that go into it is immense. How to ensure that people viewing home décor content find it easy to recognize the post of your brand? When so many other brands are posting their content on Instagram, you need to deviate from the usual strategy of posting content. When is your convenient time to check the Instagram account? If it matches with the audience checking their profiles on Instagram, it may be the best time to post the content. Research reveals that posts coming in the midweek fare better than those that arrive at the starting of the week. 

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Orientation of image

If you are yet to become familiar with the significance of the orientation of the image, it’s time to check how image orientation can impact the following. Whether to make the image vertical or horizontal depends on what to post. 

Instagram Stories

The Instagram Stories allow you to stay updated without overpowering the audience and blocking the primary feed.  The addition of web links in the Stories allows you to meet specific followers. Through Stories, you can send messages to your friends, peers, clients, and the other users. 

Preparing the layout of Instagram grid

The actual feed on Instagram should portray an organized approach with a light edit. However, you must not compromise the quality of shots to include in it. Try to avoid posting photos of your project as soon as you receive and when sharing the work of other designers or reposting, you owe them the credit. Here are a few ideas of content you need to follow.

  • For posting home décor images, you may consider a horizontal portfolio disintegrated into two separate images can help when sharing with multiple images.
  • Provide informative content, such as solving home décor problems for small spaces.
  • The addition of white space to the grid with a single project against a constructive background can help. 
  • You can post two separate design boards and let the followers to select one of the two options even if your decision is final. Allowing the audience to decide helps you boost the following and engagement. 
  • Prepare a session of questionnaire can help, especially when asking the customers about product sources. Who knows a few of them may reveal ideas you have never heard before. 

If you are already in Instagram and thinking about pushing your home décor and following, you can start with the ideas stated above. A few design professionals prefer to keep the sources prohibitive, but Instagram is one of the highly transparent platforms. The advantages of adding a location or other features allow you to overcome the downsides of sharing information on this network. When building your home décor brand, you need to stay careful about your posts on the social media platforms. Make sure you interact with the audience regularly to boost the engagement. Remember that the more you involve the followers with day-to-day posts, the better it is for your brand to get traffic. 

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