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How to Watch Instagram Stories anonymously

Social MediaHow to Watch Instagram Stories anonymously

Instagram story is a feature that enables people to publish photos and short videos for 24 hours. In addition, it has a “seen by” list that allows the publisher to see the names of those who have engaged or interacted with the story. It is a great way to let someone know that you view their content, but what if you don’t want them to know?

So if you’re wondering or have the need to get answers to “How do I watch Instagram stories anonymously?” – We have ranked several ways based on easy to advance actions required to achieve it.

Watch Instagram Stories anonymously

1. Take advantage of the Instagram Interface:

Assuming you are using the Instagram app on your phone, this is a simple hack that lets you take a peek at the story you want to see without showing up on the list. Click on the story next inline instead of the story you want to see. Tap on it to pause, slowly swipe in the direction of the story you intend to see until you reach the middle point of both the stories, and swipe back to the previous position. We recommend stopping before reaching the middle point to be safe. 

Despite all the carefulness, it doesn’t guarantee the desired results, nor does it work for videos.  Read on to learn more reliable ways.

2. Using Airplane Mode:

Using airplane mode on your phone is one of the most reliable alternatives to swiping:

  1. Open the Instagram app; wait for a few seconds to load all the stories.
  2. Open the notification panel and tap on airplane mode to turn it on. The internet will be immediately cut off from your phone.
  3. Switch to the Instagram app and view the stories.

Once done, close the app and turn off the airplane mode. You may go to settings for extra assurance, search Instagram in the apps section, and clear cache before turning off airplane mode.

3. Using dedicated apps for Android and IOS:

Both the platforms have several apps to let you watch posts and stories anonymously; some of the apps will even let you download the content.

Reposter app for ios (previously known as Story Reposter)

· Install and login to the Reposter app with your Instagram credentials.

· Use the search bar to find the user you want to watch anonymously.

· Even if you’re unsure about the account’s correct handle or made a typo, the search result will show you a list of accounts based on the keyword you have typed.

· Once you find the user, tap on the username.

· You will be led to a folder that will show you the active stories that the user has posted within 24 hours.

· It will not only allow you to download the content but even keep you hidden from the “seen by” list while doing so.

Note: This will not tend to if the user has blocked your account. Consider creating an account specifically for this app if your main account is blocked.

BlindStory app for Android

· Install and login with your Instagram account.

· Search for the account handle whose story you want to watch.

· You will see the active stories and story highlights; click on the stories to view them.

Several other third-party apps may be reliable for this purpose, but we advise using them at your discretion since they require you to log in with your Instagram credentials.

4. Using Websites: is an online tool that doesn’t require logging in. Instead, open the link, type the user id in the box, and hit download. A captcha checkbox will appear, click on it, and you will be immediately led to the user’s stories. However, it works for public accounts only. is another website that allows you to download profile pictures, reels, and stories of public accounts. Open the link, search for the username without using “@.” Following which a security check box will ask you to solve the image captcha. Once verified, you will see and download the posts and active stories of the user.

Note – Many such websites will let you take a look at public Instagram accounts and their activity, but they do not allow access to stories from private accounts.

5. Using browser extensions:

This method is best for those who want to view stories on a computer without logging into your Instagram account. For example, for Chrome, install the ‘StoriesHub. Stories App for Instagram’ from Chrome Web Store to access Instagram stories without an account.

Firefox users, install ‘Instab – Save Instagram photos, videos and stories’ from Firefox Browser Add-ons, which works similarly to the chrome extension.

6. Blocking the user for 24 hours:

This is perhaps the most extreme step to execute if you don’t want the user to know that you have viewed their Instagram story (either intentionally or accidentally); as soon as you have viewed the story, head over to the user’s profile and click on the three dots in the upper right corner. Next, select the block and follow the instructions in the dialog box. This will instantly remove you from the viewer’s list. Remember, unblocking within 24 hours will put you back on the list because the stories last for 24 hours.

Please note that these methods are only meant to hide you from the story publisher’s “seen by” list. It would be helpful if you did not use these tips and tricks to threaten someone’s security and privacy.

This article is 927 words, excluding the headline, being submitted to Kaushal Malkan, TechyHost for a kind assessment of my writing skill.

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