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How Your Small Business Can Use Social Media to Boost Sales

E-CommerceHow Your Small Business Can Use Social Media to Boost Sales

2014 saw rapid growth in online consumer shopping behavior. Shopping over the internet through mobile devices and iPads have become the new norm, and experience, purchasing online on Facebook is becoming the new norm, and Instagram and Facebook have now started a “buy now” button to make this experience as simple as possible, just a clock away.

This new purchasing habit provides niche business also known as “etailers” a tremendous opportunity to increase their revenues. Many entrepreneurs have become internet with the help of the internet, it is becoming easier to start a business from home, but growing competition can cause some constraints.

Social media purchasing has increased by almost 15 %. Given those numbers, it doesn’t come as a surprise that even large retailers have started making significant investments in social media marketing, to give online shoppers a memorable shopping experience.

Although large businesses have a significant budget social media marketing is  game-changing for small companies, here are four ways small businesses can make the most of social media to increase their sales.

How Your Small Business Can Use Social Media to Boost Sales

1. Get personal

Use social media to make official engagements with the consumer, if you can make the correct commitments you can gain loyal, long-term customers. You do not necessarily have to promote your product directly, you can mix promotions with sharing genuinely beneficial information on your Twitter and Facebook page that will evoke positive emotions in the reader this is how loyalty is developed, this is a great way to spread your name, the share the stories with friends this you will receive free publicity

2. Prioritize customer service

Many companies initiate their business on social media before actually building a shop, for these companies it is essential to building strong relationships with customers, the last thing you want is an unhappy customer or for a customer to give a negative review, to avoid negative reviews ensure your customers needs are being met, be diligent with customer service, respond to queries fast, provide rapid solutions to issues raised by customers, if you lack staff you can invest in social media monitoring solutions, also share positive feedback of customers to encourage other potential shoppers.

3. Use hashtags

Online shopping is an evolving experience each day a company invents a way to make online shopping pure expertise such as Amazon just initiated #Amazon Cart where you can add products from Twitter, Instagram or Facebook directly to your Amazon cart, not only does this Revolutionize online shopping it also brings Amazon into the limelight.

You can do the same by using free social media tools, it doesn’t have to be high tech complicated technology Hootsuite is an example of a tool you can use to regularly schedule your tweets relating to your products such as advertising any deals you may have ongoing or campaigns, it is essential to include visuals or promo codes in each tweet and a relevant hashtag.

4. Add an online store directly to social media platforms

Add a shopping cart directly on your social media page instead of directing customers to your website, it’s quick and easy, and you don’t even need to leave your Facebook page, add your store link to your blog WordPress. As these tools are mobile friendly and many consumers use their mobiles to purchase online they can be instrumental and beneficial to a business.

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