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7 Apps to Study about Stock Markets

Money7 Apps to Study about Stock Markets

If you’re a stock market trader these days, you must remain up to speed on every price movement pattern. Modern share price traders monitor the rise and fall of equities regularly and on an hourly basis. Now, anything is available from your phone or tablet, including tracking the stock’s actual video content market price, creating a virtual investment, sketching stock market indices, watching market dynamics, and monitoring your investments. As a result, we will show you the 7 Best Share Price Apps in India that will improve your stock research.

1.  Moneycontrol

Moneycontrol launches premium platform Moneycontrol Pro

This is our personal favourite share price information and updates smartphone app. Unless you only have room on your device for one sharemarket app, we strongly advise you to install this one. The money management software is straightforward, yet it has a wealth of knowledge and news. With the Moneycontrol Application, you can keep up with the mobile phone’s current information on Indian and global capital markets. It tracks Indices, Equities, Derivatives, Options, Alternative Investments, Commodity, and Cryptocurrencies from the BSE, NSE, MCX, and NCDEX markets, allowing you to easily follow Indices (Sensex & Nifty), Futures, Alternatives, Unit Trust, Commodity markets, and Cryptocurrencies. Get this apps for free from rarbg.

2.  Trade Brains Portal

Trade Brains Portal – How to use for Stock Research?

Trade Brains Portal is a popular stock market analysis app in India that has lately gained momentum and popularity amongst users. It was one of the most acceptable Moneycontrol options for the Indian market, and it comes with a slew of additional helpful tools like a Market Screening tool, up-to-date market news, stock baskets, and much more. By offering superior essential data with intuitive visualizations, the Trade Brains Portal App assists investors in conducting functioning stock reviews and studies. Users may follow their shares in one location by creating various watchlists and investment portfolios in the application. Users may also utilise the portal app’s Celebrity portfolio tool to keep track of prominent clients and their current stock portfolio.

3.  Tickertape

Tickertape: Analyse and Invest – Apps on Google Play

This application has emerged as one of India’s most famous stock market applications in recent years, even though it is fresher than the other applications on this list. Tickertape is a cutting-edge stock research platform that puts you at the heart of the action. It concentrates on critical metric assessment with solid tools and a stable environment, which may help you better your understanding of the marketplace and your involvement in it.

4.  MyWallSt

MyWallSt Review 2022 - Is This Service Any Good?

MyWallSt is one of the most powerful applications for learning about the share market on Android or iOS. This software explains to you how and where to pick stocks. This software makes learning about the financial markets simple by becoming an expert. The content was created entirely by the MyWallSt team. MyWallSt is a collection of 40 share price tutorials. And the best part about this course is that it is accessible in an audiobook book that is only 1 minute long. After studying this program, you will surely get some ability to invest in a company.

5. Stocks & News - Apps on Google Play

For beginners, offers a lot to offer: courses, suggestions, exams, a dictionary of concepts, and exciting monetary content. With so much helpful information in one app, you can start with the fundamentals and work your way up to the finer points of contributing: you’ll learn what a CFD is, how CFDs on stocks, items, and files are traded, and how to understand outlines and build your swapping method. is one of the most excellent beginning stock market applications available.

6.  Stock Trainer

Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading (Stock Markets) - Apps on Google Play

Stock Trainer uses real company sectors and their data to assist newbie’s in their first steps into the stock market. With our actual market test program, you may learn how to trade and utilise it as a reference for your new spending. Understand that, while this program is depicted as an experimental setup, it is not a dramatization and uses accurate market data to provide you with as close to real-world results as possible under the conditions. Twenty global stock markets are covered as essential equipment. Maintenance of a portfolio and a watchlist Data about the top gainers and losers is presented. Market charts with a 10-year history, a zoom tool for stock charts, and more details. Availability for themes such as the Night theme, comprehensive stock information, business journal, account overview with outstanding-looking graphics, and support for different themes, such as the Nocturnal motif. One of the top stock market learning applications is Stock Trainer.

7.  StockMarketSim

StockMarketSim - Stock Market Simulator - Apps on Google Play

This is the application for you whether you’re new to the share market, a share investor, or a day trader. StockMarketSim is a basic, enjoyable, and easy virtual share price simulation. You start with $10,000 and can make as many trades as you like at any moment. Clients may learn about the capital market, examine their equities, and try alternative exchanging methods thanks to the attractive design and simple swapping stream.


It is significant to research the stock market and then participate in buying and selling. This is why individuals are looking for the most significant stock market applications or stock market training applications in today’s world. Regardless of the time commitment, apps are preferred over books. The 7 best apps for learning the sharemarket are listed above.

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