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A Start up that makes e-commerce Simple

StartupsA Start up that makes e-commerce Simple

With the development of technology we have also witnessed entrepreneurs rise to new heights by offering something innovative in the area of the tech industry, there have been various apps and websites designed to make life more efficient and convenient. Recently, we have witnessed a tilt towards social entrepreneurship, such as women firms, hunger eradication ideas, gender equality advancements and many more platforms have been developed over the internet or via technology.

India has always been a leader in the world of technology some of the most popular ideas of developments have evolved in to the western world from India, for example Google was founded by an Indian, setting stereotypes apart, some of the most successful IT engineers have also been Indian. Whilst Pakistan has launched ideas such as Rizq in order to feed the hungry left over foods from restaurants, India has also been not too far behind when it comes to creating social platforms.

A brand that is gaining considerable popularity in India recently has been Meesho, which is a social commerce platform designed to aide students and housewives to build their businesses via social media. We all know that this is the era of social media marketing but not everyone knows how to appropriately use social media to benefit their business in the best way possible, Meesha has raised over $11 Million to make the initiative successful.

Meesho, has gained considerable popularity and its investors include: SAIF PartnersY Combinator and Venture Highway.

Meesho is making entrepreneurs out of women and students who will otherwise not have the right guidance and support to initiate their own start up and make them successful, many people complain that they have initiated a start up but have not gained success that is because they don’t understand digital marketing and this is the loophole that Meesho has identified and eradicated through their app

The app is for retailers, housewives, students, retired citizens and many other aspiring entrepreneurs across India. The app can help the average entrepreneur increase their earnings to up to $300 a month through E-commerce and selling products over the internet. Meesha was initiated in 2015 by two partners from Delhi, the app provides an online platform for the users where they can source logistics and use payment tools to make online shopping secure and easy, they help social media sellers launch their products and use social media apps and websites such as whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to sell their products or services


The app has helped over 800,000 people become social media entrepreneurs all across India, they have made so many households capable of earning a living from their homes with minimal capital. The businesses are able to reach out to over 4 million consumers, there is only bone thing that I can say.” What an idea sir hi”

“Social commerce is the future of e-commerce in India. People buy from people they trust, and that’s what Meesho enables. Entrepreneurs, many of them women, use the Meesho platform to recommend, customise and sell to their family and friends,” said Mohit Bhatnagar, Managing Director, Sequoia India.

E-commerce is an industry that is swiftly growing in popularity all across the world in Asia, particularly India and Pakistan it is something that has been introduced lately, India in particular is witnessing a growing trend and a consumer pattern towards purchasing products over the internet rather than going to shops, Amazon India, eBay India and OLX India are website that are changing the way Indian consumers shop. With more and more consumers preferring online shopping the more online start ups are emerging that are either providing a service or product to the consumer or it is making online shopping easier for them. Not only has technology made online shopping easier it has also helped thousands of people earn a living in the comfort of their homes.

Meesho has been receiving funds in order to help it become more successful, investors can see the potential that the app has to offer and this is why more and more people are are investing in the app recently the appas funding increased from $11Million to a whopping $15 million, the startup has been securing funds from top investors across India such as SAIF Partners.

Meesho Co-founder Vidit Aatrey said. “We have grown 20x since our Series A last year, and we continue to be the biggest cheerleader for the social reselling model that we have built from scratch over the last two years. With the new investment, we plan to double down on our mission to create 20M entrepreneurs over the next two years by expanding our suite of tools.”

We hope to see more innovative ideas from India in the field of technology and especially digital marketing

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