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Best Digital Marketing Tools To Use In 2021

MarketingBest Digital Marketing Tools To Use In 2021

Table of contents:

  1. What are digital marketing tools?
  2. Best Digital Marketing Tools for 2021
  3. Conclusion

You must have witnessed the rage and hype about digital marketing and how it is the fastest way to raise brand awareness. Well, it’s time to learn about the most popular digital marketing tools that marketers are using to get a lead in this dynamic yet highly competitive world of digital marketing. 

What are digital marketing tools?

Businesses use marketing tools to promote their product and raise brand awareness. In terms of digital marketing, these tools are techniques, strategies and methods that brands use to market their product or service digitally. Traditional marketing tools include billboards, direct mails, print ads and even TVCs, while digital marketing tools include social media campaigns, influencer endorsement, e-mail marketing and SEO. 

However, digital marketing is an umbrella term that involves lots and lots of activities, strategies and methods. Businesses need to manage all these at once. So, you will come across many tools and platforms, such as HubSpot and Moz that allow you to manage these activities simultaneously. Some also provide services like customer relationship management and analytics. Some of these services are also available as SaaS, 

Some advantages of using one of these digital marketing tools for your business include:

  • They ensure you are targeting the right audience
  • They take care of tech savvy tasks that you might not be an expert at
  • They offer useful third-party tools such as Google Analytics 
  • E-mail marketing is more targeted and specific 
  • Valuable analytics reports and insights give your marketing mix a better direction
  • Some platforms like HubSpot provide all-in-one solutions
  • All such tools come with helpful customer support

Best Digital Marketing Tools for 2021

Moving on, let’s take a quick look at some of the best digital marketing tools you can use for your online or physical business as well. Each of these tools has unique features or services that makes them stand out from the rest. Choose the one that best matches with your business’s goals and objectives! 

HubSpot – Best Overall

Without doubt, HubSpot has become one of the leading digital marketing solution for all. It is suitable for agencies, corporates, freelancers and online startups too. The credits for its popularity go to the all-in-one nature of HubSpot that allows users to avail all features and solutions from one provider only. 

It is primarily known as a CRM and inbound marketing software, but has expanded its horizons. People use this tool for e-mail marketing, building landing pages, social media marketing, blogging and for lead management too. It also has pretty decent analytics that marketers can use to improve their marketing efforts. 

The best part about HubSpot is that it is user-friendly. In case you are new to digital marketing or are a single-person owner of a small startup, then the HubSpot academy can be a good starting point for you. You can get various certifications and courses for online marketing, SEO and so on. 

Perhaps the only downside of using HubSpot is the cost. Even the cheapest plan starts from around $60 and that does not include enough features and services. 

Mailchimp – Best for E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing might sound an ancient practice to you, but that is not true at all! E-mail marketing is still a huge thing, and is used by all B2B and B2C businesses. E-mail marketing strategy is so important that you should use it at the very beginning of your business’s set up. 

So, where to begin from? Mailchimp is your answer. This marketing tool is best known for its email marketing solutions. It is a great solution for small to medium sized businesses. It is an advanced tool that provides solutions powered by AI. 

Some key features and services you can use with Mailchimp include landing pages, personalized e-mails, e-mail lists, reporting and analytics, and automated messages. Other benefits include a free trial period and helpful training sessions. It also comes with 24/7 support. 

You can also use Mailchimp for lean management and multi-channel marketing. For small businesses, it also offers CRM solutions. You can use this to integrate various social media platforms and segment your audience for better marketing results.

Moz – Best For SEO

As a marketer or any business, you must have come across the term “SEO” in the past few years. SEO has become the center of attention in the digital realm, and rightfully so. It has revolutionized how businesses promote their product and service, and how they reach out to their customers. If you wish to revamp your SEO performance, then Moz is the perfect tool for it. 

You can think of any SEO requirement, and Moz will have it covered for you. It takes care of everything including crawling, keyword management and optimization, web page optimization, tracking keywords and analytics too. You will get weekly crawling reports of your web pages, so you remain alert and up to date about your website’s performance. 

The best part about this tool is its flexible plans that ideally suit small and medium scale businesses. The perfect pricing plan for medium size businesses is the $180 Medium Plan, which includes monthly lists of keywords, crawling reports, 10 seats, keyword reports and much more. Its Large plan costs about $199 per month and includes 25 seats, 1900 keyword rankings and 50 keywords list every month compared to Medium’s 30 keywords list. 


One cannot deny the positive impacts of internet and digital technology have had on business opportunities. People are more aware of what they need, and thus are making wiser decisions about their businesses. With cheap internet services, people can now use highly advanced and fast speed connections and depend entirely on digital means of business management. Digital marketing is the future of the business world, and there are several more advancements to come. Get a head start in this field by using one of the above-mentioned digital marketing tools. 

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