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Best Tips for a Process Serving Agency to begin

Top StoriesBest Tips for a Process Serving Agency to begin

Process in this article means a set of court documents or any other type of documents. The main purpose of a process serving agency is to transport a set of court documents and legal documents, but there are different types of process serving agencies some agencies service other types of documents rather than court documents. 

They transport thousands of documents to their destination. These agencies work for a variety of courts, parties, and their clients. Process services include notices, summonses, orders, and complaints more, etc. The rules for serving a process are different from state to state. For being a part of the process serving agency or opening your agency one must know the rules of their state for process service.

The Job of a Serving Process Agent

The job of a serving process agent or process server is to transport legal documents for an individual entangled in court proceedings. The server should follow the rules and regulations of the serving agency. After the delivery of the document, the agent shows the proof of the safe delivery of the document to its destination. A good registered agent carefully intakes and processes the process and handles it effectively. The salary of a server is varying from state to state and even case to case.

 Important Principal Steps to Follow

Every service processing agency should intake carefully to avoid the chance of receiving the incorrect or misrouted document.


The agency should have good handling and management service to reduce any kind of risk like misplacement of the document; the document should computerize the document for maintaining records.

Delivery and Assurance of The Slip

A safe delivery either it may be electronic or personal delivery, never forget to fill the affidavit as it will work as a proof of the safe delivery.

Service for an Individual

There are different types of rules and regulations that must be followed by any type of process serving agency. These rules and regulations are based on the type of client your agency works for and the type of document you are delivering. If the agency has to deliver a document to an individual, the serving agent must deliver the document to the individual personally.

If the individual is not present at the destination, you have the option to give the document to another person of the home but that personage should be a specific year. When sub-serving, you should record the important information and description of that person because you have to inform the client. The documents a process server serves include writs; legal orders issued by the court. The server also serves claim forms, freezing orders, divorce petitions, or issue of property between 2 parties summons, etc.

Corporate Service

Agency serving processes for a business at their place of business, this type of service is known as corporate service. If the warrant is not for a specific person, you can give a summons to any authorized person of the company. Most organizations approve a specific person to receive legal documents. The authorized person should be at the company from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm from Monday to Friday. This authorized person is known as RA, if the RA is not present at the movement of delivery, he or she can allow a person to receive the document.

Service by Certified Mail

In this way of serving the receiver must provide a mailing address through which the process servers send the process with a certified mail with a return receipt request. This serving process is mostly used when the receiver is not present in the state. Most of the time it is too much to just mail the process to the defendant, personal service is the best means to deliver the notice.

Service by Publication

It is a way of serving the process by publishing a notice in the newspaper. You can do this way of service in a case when other ways of service including personal service or substitution service are not effective. The notice is mostly published in one or more than one newspaper which is located in the court area or a newspaper published in the defendant’s area.


  • What is Process serving?

Ans: process serving is a process of serving or deliver important documents that are issued from court or any national or international institute.

  • What’s the price to hire process servers?

Ans: The prices that charged from process servers are depend on time period. If you want your delivery in 2 to 3 days then the charges will be $20 to $100. If you want your delivery in 4 to 6 then the charges will be from $10 to $80. 

  • What happened when you never get hire process serving agency?

Ans: If you didn’t get process serving services your will be late to attend the date of court or any national/international institute, or may be missed. So, it is very important to utilize these services to get informed all the aspects of court.

  • Agency Must Have a license

A person or the process serving agency who serves processes for individuals or businesses must have a license. For obtaining a license the agency must apply with some important documents like background information of the process serving the agency and other information of the employees of the agency. Sometimes the notice is published many times in a week.

  • Affidavit of Service

Proof of service or affidavit is a form filled by the client, on serving the document to the client. The affidavit contains various information like the time, place, and identity of the served person. When the agency has an affidavit of the process the defendant can never challenge the court proceedings.


Process serving agencies transport important court documents. This includes summonses, orders, complaints, and others. To open your process serving agency, you must know the law of the country first. In addition to that, it is also important to follow the complete process I have discussed above.

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