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Did you update your kitchen, or is it still on the table? 

Home & GardenDid you update your kitchen, or is it still on the table? 

A beautifully designed, cosy, and efficient kitchen is a must like it has always been. Almost every household chore relates to the kitchen, as this place encompasses utilities like clean water and offers storage for the important stuff.

The pandemic has shown a shift in trends, and now people are more connected to their houses, looking for ways to make the kitchen feel more like “them”. However, the kitchen is among the top rooms that benefit from redecoration and updates because it’s where food is cooked and where people spend the most time with family. 

While you can’t go wrong with a farmhouse style or an all-white kitchen style because they’ve been trendy for a while now and seem to remain the same, more trends will mark the year 2023.

Keep reading to find out how kitchen designers, developers, and homeowners envision the kitchen of the future.

Inside garden 

Biophilia – the love of everything green – has been all the rage, and it’s a trend that’s passing the test of time. Therefore, there’s no surprise it is making its way into the room where homeowners cook. Plants bring the outdoors in the kitchen, whether a large fiddle leaf fig in a standing spot or hanging pots of trailing Pothos. 

Using natural wood in the kitchen is another method to evoke thoughts of nature. Adding wood to your kitchen, whether through cabinets or décor, is an excellent way to warm up the area. And you know what’s even more terrific? Cooking with home-grown basil, chives, and parsley.

Here are some other plants that thrive in kitchens:

  • Aloe vera
  • Snake plant
  • Spider plant
  • English ivy
  • Aluminium plant
  • Peperomia
  • Ponytail palm
  • Money plant.

New kitchen units or doors

It’s safe to say that the kitchen is the most used room in many dwellings, just as it’s true that kitchen units are among the most susceptible to damage among the pieces of furniture. They’re exposed to steam, condensation, leakage, abrupt differences in temperature, and so on. Mould can develop around the doors and spread fast. This fungus is dangerous for the breathing systems, particularly for people who suffer from health conditions, illnesses, etc.

Details aside, new kitchen units change how you see your home. They uplift your spirit even if you’re only admiring them online. How do you feel when you access Kitchen Warehouse LTD? According to this company’s specialists, you can have the kitchen of your dreams without worrying that the loved design doesn’t fit into your home or having to break the bank.

Too busy to update your kitchen? Here’s a practical solution that won’t take more than a few hours: replacement kitchen doors. They’re easy to install, and you can choose from a wide variety of options, from high gloss to solid wood and acrylic colours.

Bolder splashbacks

Glossy tiles in comforting, neutral tones or bolder colours like sand, brown, blue, or green are already all the rage. Want to wow your family? Go for geometric-shaped tiles that complement the simpler lines around the cooking area.

Marble splashbacks enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen, display beautifully, and guests will notice them as soon as they enter the room. High-contrast marble replaces quartz successfully and gives that strong visual contrast which engages the eye.

Quartz is also a fan-favourite kitchen material, and for good reasons. It’s hardy, sleek, and versatile, adding form and function to any room.

Shaker-style and framed cabinets

Kitchen cabinets sometimes come in sets from big box stores, but the overproduced aesthetic is outdated. Profiles are going more towards those with more detail and Shaker style, although fully clean-front cabinets are trendy, too. 

Want to add some warmth to your cooking room? Choose enchanting wood tones for your modern, clean-front cabinets. You can use these units to add aesthetic appeal or even bring reconditioned, old furniture into your home (to prevent the room from looking overproduced).

Trends are shifting toward European kitchens with more character, charm, and historical accents. Upper cabinets can also be replaced with a pot rail or floating shelves. 

Chef-style appliances

Appliances have gone a long way with items that you control remotely. The days of the magnetic white fridge are gone, and chef-style appliances are gaining ground. Besides being more professional-looking, they also reshape the cooking process, making the activities in the kitchen run smoother. 

Everyone wants to pretend they’re a chef, and individuals who are not can simply get some professional appliances and get one step closer to their dream. 

Do you want a clean, seamless kitchen look? Then you can envision your panelled/integrated appliances blending in with the rest of the cooking area with cabinet panels. Leading manufacturers provide custom panel-ready appliances that match.

Countertop appliance storage

Countertop appliance storage is gaining popularity. Nobody likes clutter, no matter how disorganised they are. Kitschy clutter is an even worse turn-off. Many people can’t stand coffee makers, stand mixers, or air fryers laying latent on their countertops day after day unless they’re built with style and made to be exposed. 

In reality, homeowners prioritise storage, and according to the National Association of Home Builders, approximately 80% of first-time buyers go for walk-in pantries. These are becoming more opulent, and you can turn your spare room into a service pantry.

Beige and greige

All-white kitchens have been popular for many years owing to their timeless and simple appeal. Although designers aren’t head over heels for them, there’s something addictive about them: they make the space look wider and airier and they can go with everything. 

The following period sees an openness to warmer tones, though. Clients no longer look for conventional. Instead, they’re embracing grey cabinetry or off-white/cream/greige colours. Aside from the predominantly white cabinets, some homeowners choose natural wood in cool tones, like light maple, washed walnut, or white oak.

Final tip: Make a statement with a large pendant light. 

Pendant kitchen lights have been popular for many years and are here to stay. They’ve shifted away from lanterns to globe shapes. Pendant lights combine materials that provide character and depth and spark an interest in homeowners, and luckily, this classy and elegant option can work for more rooms.

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