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Digital Marketing: What is it, advantages and key tools!

MarketingDigital Marketing: What is it, advantages and key tools!

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing can be understood, as all efforts to disseminate products, services and the company itself in online mechanisms. Including through the use of digital tools to achieve, attract, convert and retain customers in an organization.

As in traditional marketing, e marketing requires planning, strategic, operational and economic measures to achieve the company’s goals on the Internet. Through these actions it is possible to leverage the company’s dissemination results and improve your networking with your target audience.

However, one should keep in mind that there is room in digital marketing for any venture, contrary to what many people imagine. We are often accustomed to a range of online services, such as movies, financial operations and e-commerce itself, but digital marketing is not about these factors.

Even the industries of various branches, unusual trades and service providers can safeguard their place in the sun, investing in a good digital marketing strategy. The undeniable proof that this works is the constant growth of investments in this mode of advertising.

While this can mean the popularization of digital marketing for the most diverse types and sizes of business, on the other hand it entails a considerable increase in competition in the online media. All the more reason for you to specialize and make the right choices, don’t you think?

What are the advantages of digital marketing?

Since you can definitely know what digital marketing is, we believe your next question should be something like: What are the real advantages of digital marketing for my company?

You’re probably like most of us, you’re not going to bet your chips on something without knowing what benefits it can bring, and you’re totally right! Because of this, the following are some of the main advantages of digital marketing for your company.

Low investment

When we compare digital marketing to the traditional means of disclosure, it certainly wins in the investment category. It is quite true that large companies invest up to billions of reads every month in their digital marketing strategy, however, internet marketing shows up much cheaper than the traditional.

Through a few hundred reads, for example, you can boost a page post on Facebook and achieve thousands of people. Logically, taking this audience to purchase is a bit more complex than just a click, but with all certainty it is an overwhelming advantage for digital marketing.

By decreasing the value needed for investment, digital marketing can be applied by any company, regardless of its sector of operation and margin of invoicing. Incidentally, on the internet there are many successful cases showing small and medium-sized companies performing winning marketing strategies.

Easy measurement

Another very interesting advantage of digital marketing is linked to monitoring metrics and results. On the internet everything can be measured, measured and transformed into spreadsheets or KPI’s (Key performance indicators).

Taking the same example of boosting a page post on Facebook, the social network AD program itself, provides relevant data for tracking your results. Facebook Insights, for example, records the number of people reached with this post, clicks, and other information that can be very useful throughout the process.

As in digital marketing monitoring is much easier, taking the right path and achieving your goals also becomes simpler, since on the internet you have all the tools needed to create a more effective campaign and Efficient.

No limit (or almost)!

Digital marketing has an unquestionable advantage, freedom of creation for companies and marketing directors. Factors that in traditional marketing could become an obstacle, such as geographic and financial limitations, are easily circumcised when you decide to use the Internet to promote your business.

Virtually any company can publish content on the Internet and develop its content marketing freely. Because of this, even the finest campaigns can be put into practice in digital marketing with less effort.

This freedom requires much more responsibility from companies, but also allows access to a horizon that was previously guarded to an extremely limited number of organizations and marketing professionals.

Democracy (for real)!

Okay, we’re talking about the absence of boundaries and freedom in the previous item, but you can’t forget that digital marketing is a double-handed way. Just as companies are freer, consumers also possess a power in their hands.

Today a dissatisfied customer can reveal their grievances freely in any social network and, a small seemingly harmless text, is able to take extreme proportions and if it reveals a real crisis for the company.

Taking this into consideration you should use digital marketing to truly create relationships with your prospective customers and, at the same time, create a powerful brand. The best way to do this is to bring value to your lives and this can be done easily through content marketing.


Have you ever imagined creating a product flyer to disclose a new launch of your company, send to the printer, and wait a few weeks until completion and when you receive the final result, realize that something is wrong and need to change everything?

This would mean a waste of money and untold time and it would probably not be possible to change things as fast as you would have wished. In digital marketing events like this practically do not exist. On the Internet you can change things as much as you need!

Through the metrics we’ve seen in a previous item, the digital marketing expert can track the results in real time and change anything whenever it’s necessary. Let’s say your campaign isn’t reaching the number of clicks you want, you can change your ad’s call to action to resolve this.

More effective

A TV ad hits thousands of people at the same time! However, not all viewers will be interested in the content of the advertisement. In digital marketing you can reach the right people with each campaign.

Through an effective segmentation it is possible to select demographic information (age, gender and location), interests, and objectives among other aspects of your persona and thus focus on the efforts in what is really worthwhile.

As in digital marketing the targeting is more specific and has much more metrics for monitoring, the results are achieved more quickly and effectively. You don’t need to waste time on irrelevant things, nor become dull trying to attract uninterested people to your company.

Key Digital Marketing Tools

Knowing the definition and advantages of digital marketing is not enough to make your strategies on the Internet a real success. You should be aware of the best tools and know how to use them in favor of your company.

Below are some of the options to make your digital marketing efforts easier and more effective. Look at that!

Search engine Marketing (SEM)

Marketing for search engines bring together all the actions that aim to improve their positioning in search sites such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. The basic premise of this digital marketing tool is to take your site to the first pages of search engines.

To achieve this your company can avail itself of other techniques such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). However, to do this the right way you need to gather some basic practices like: quality content, appropriate keywords, HTML optimization, url enhancement, etc.

Display and AdSense

Perhaps the most basic digital marketing tool that has news to date: the display. Similar to space purchases in newspapers and magazines, in digital marketing are represented by banners and graphic ads.

Nowadays, however, mass ad networks are more common. Google AdSense, for example, the most famous of them, allows you to create ads on your Adwords platform and distributes them extensively across your display network that counts with thousands of partner sites. But, don’t just pay to display your ads, you need to invest in the quality of your campaigns.


It is also not a new digital marketing tool, but it is still very effective today to work the brand of your company and convert your site visitors into qualified leads.

Through an auto responder, service to automate sending emails, and a list of quality contacts, you can keep your company’s fans as close as possible and create a direct channel of communication. The general rule is to take quality content and take care not to be taxed from spammer.

Native advertising

The newest digital marketing tool on this list. Its inception occurred due to the failure of the display advertising and the increased relevance of content marketing.

Native advertising is the content created by the company itself in order to attract customers and close sales. This brand-new, qualified and proprietary content can be distributed on content aggregators sites (YouTube, Buzz Feed, Reedit, etc.) and thereby increase the reach of your publications.

In this guide we will not cite each of the digital marketing tools not to let you longer than you need to be. However, it is up to the marketing professional or anyone interested in using these techniques to keep an eye on the new technologies Available from the market.


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