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Get all Past Papers of the NUMS Entry Test

EducationGet all Past Papers of the NUMS Entry Test

Top Grade is a well-known learning site that provides students with a large database of NUMS (National University of Medicine and Science) entrance exam practice questions. Top Grade is committed to assisting future medical students in their preparation by making available an extensive collection of old papers from various years.

Past papers are an excellent way for students to get a feel for the NUMS entrance exam in terms of its organization, format, and the types of questions that will be asked. Top Grade equips students with the tools to improve their problem-solving abilities, time management, and overall test-taking methods by providing access to a wide range of sample exams.

Top Grade’s archive of former papers is here to help you ace the NUMS admission exam, whether you want to brush up on your physics, chemistry, or biology knowledge specifically.

Nums Entry Test syllabus 

The study material for the NUMS Entry Test is broken down into four distinct disciplines: biology, physics, chemistry, and English. A summary of each part follows.


  • The Wide Range of Forms and Functions That Cells Take
  • Biomolecules
  • Metabolism
  • Evolutionary Genetics and Plant Physiology
  • Comparative Physiology
  • Physiology of the Human Body
  • Microbiology
  • Immunology


  • Mechanics
  • Energy and the Science of Heat
  • Electromagnetism and Electricity
  • Light and Sound Waves
  • Today’s Physics


  • The Structure of Atoms
  • Bonding in Chemistry
  • Stoichiometry
  • Thermodynamics
  • Balance of Kinetic Energy
  • Molecular Biology
  • Chemical Reactions Without Carbon Atoms


Comprehension of Text, Correct Use of Grammar and Vocabulary, and Capable Written Expression

You should check the NUMS website’s “top grade” for the most up-to-date version of the curriculum before beginning your exam study, as it may change from year to year.

To assist you in studying for the NUMS Entry Test, we offer a variety of study materials in addition to the course outline. Examples of such aids are sample exams, study manuals, online tutorials, intensive courses, and private instructors.

 If you want to succeed, you should get a head start on your preparations and make a study schedule that works for you. Extensive practice with multiple-choice questions can help you feel prepared on test day.

You can gain the following by referring to the NUMS Entry test answer keys:

The following are some of the possible outcomes of reviewing the NUMS Entry Test answer keys:

  • Evaluation of your performance:

You can evaluate your exam performance by comparing your answers to the answer keys provided. Thanks to the insights gained from this assessment of your abilities and performance, you’ll be able to zero in on the areas that need the most work.

  • Insight into the exam’s difficulty level:

The answer keys can also be a barometer for the test’s perceived difficulty. This understanding will help you set reasonable goals and prepare for the challenge.

  • Guidance for answering questions:

Examine the answer keys to see if they offer any helpful hints for addressing the questions on the exam. Useful for learning the different varieties of questions and how to best approach them strategically.

  • Enhancement of confidence: 

Gaining assurance by consulting the solutions gives one a sense of accomplishment. If you know you answered questions correctly, you’ll feel more at ease on test day.

As a bonus, here are a few supplemental suggestions for making use of the NUMS Entry Test answer keys:

  • Use them to your advantage

 Don’t just quickly scan the answer keys and move on. Spend some time thinking about what makes a specific answer correct or incorrect. This analysis method helps gain insight from failures and improve knowledge retention.

Check your work using answer keys from many years

Examining past iterations of the test can show how the exam has changed over time and reveal which topics are most crucial to review.

  • Use the solutions to create a study guide

If you know what you’re good at and where you may use some work, you can make a study plan that emphasizes your weaker areas most.

  • Keep calm if you make a mistake

 That’s normal on the NUMS Entry Test. The important thing is to grow as a person and not be disheartened by setbacks.

The Preparation Strategy NUMS Entry Test

With Top Grade Company’s guidance, you can prepare methodically and intently for the NUMS (National University of Medical Sciences) entrance exam. Following this detailed study plan will help you make the most of your time spent studying:

  • Grab Your Syllabus:

Review Top Grade Company’s offered syllabus for the NUMS admission test. Get a handle on the various themes, topics, and subtopics discussed. Using this, you may organize your study time more effectively.

  • Organize Your Study Time:

Make sure you cover your bases by creating a comprehensive study plan. Plan out when you will study each topic and how much time you will devote to it each day or week.

  • Utilize Only the Finest Materials

Use Top Grade Company’s sample questions, mock exams, and other resources to help you prepare for your upcoming exams. Studying with these tools can help you become acquainted with the examination format and boost your chances of doing well.

  • Theoretical Comprehension:

Try to establish a solid grounding in all of your subjects. Get a firm grasp of the fundamental ideas and theories before diving into the sample problems. Top Grade’s materials typically include contextual information that clarifies complex concepts.

  • Repeatedly rehearse:

Maintaining a regular practice schedule is essential. Top Grade provides a selection of practice questions, previous papers, and mock examinations that will help you develop your ability to solve problems and manage your time effectively.

  • Consider and Evaluate:

After completing practice exams, you can learn more about your weak spots by analyzing your test results. Think about how you could have done better and dedicate time to enhancing your skills.

  • Handling One’s Time:

Become accustomed to working under time constraints similar to the actual exam. Get a feel for how much time you have to complete each section of your exam by timing yourself while taking practice examinations.

  • To practice for an exam:

Make your study space as close to the testing facility as possible, complete with calm and no interruptions. This can help you feel more at ease on test day by allowing you to acclimatize to the test environment.

  • For More Information:

Be bold and ask questions and get answers from mentors, instructors, or discussion boards if you encounter something unclear. Top Grade may also provide customer support to answer any questions.

  • Maintain Your Health:

Ensure you’re getting enough rest, eating well, and being active to keep your body in tip-top shape—a person’s ability to focus and remember information benefits from physical and mental wellness.

  • Exercise Exams:

Top Grade Company provides full-length practice exams that can be used as a practice run for the real thing. Your stamina and general preparedness can both benefit from this.

  • Retain Your Confidence and Positivity:

Do your best to keep a cheerful disposition as you get ready. Possess self-assurance in your skills and assurance in your method of preparation.

Consistent, well-directed effort is necessary for achievement. You can improve your performance on the NUMS entrance exam by using the materials offered by Top Grade Company.


Top Grade Company is an excellent resource for helping you succeed on the National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) entrance exam. Top Grade gives you the tools to succeed on this crucial exam by providing a wealth of resources, such as sample questions, practice tests, study materials, and professional advice.

Top Grade prepares you to succeed on the NUMS entrance exam by providing a systematic study plan, an emphasis on conceptual comprehension, and ample practice. By simulating exam situations in advance, the platform helps you learn how to manage your time effectively and feel more confident on test day.

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