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Everything You Need to Know About Undercounter Kegerators

Top StoriesEverything You Need to Know About Undercounter Kegerators

Undercounter Kegerators are a simple, beautiful way to get a cold beer on tap in your kitchen or entertainment space. Combining a fridge and a tap, kegerators are fun and engaging ways to serve beer or other beverages to guests. 

Unlike traditional kegerators, which can be moved or wheeled about on casters, under-counter kegerators blend into your kitchen tops and become another integrated appliance in your home. 

Made of high-quality and easy-to-clean materials, under-counter kegerators are a functional and great-looking addition to any home. Use them for entertaining, beer tasting, solo enjoyment, or casual get-togethers with friends. 

They’ll keep your beer cold and on tap any time of year and don’t need to be rolled away when a party’s over. Check out two of the greatest undercounter kegerators to see what these machines can offer you.

Best of all, they can convert into a small refrigerator when not in use as a kegerator. This makes them versatile and perfect, whether you’re entertaining or taking some time off for yourself. No matter what you need them for, under-counter kegerators can serve you and your friends and family well. 

Kegco 24″ Wide Dual Tap Undercounter Kegerator with Kit

The Kegco 24” Dual Tap is an excellent choice for those who need to provide multiple flavors of beer to guests. A simple and streamlined way to showcase two drafts at once, this model is handsome, well-made, and blends into any kitchen décor. 

The 3,200 BTU cooling compressor is among the most powerful, and the adjustable temperature controls allow for anywhere from 32F to 59F serving temperatures. This makes it possible to do your guests anything from cold coffee to kombucha, wine, or chilled tea. No matter what your party calls for, this machine can handle it.

The design of this kegerator allows you to use it either as a freestanding appliance or position it underneath an existing countertop for a genuinely blended look. The stainless steel interior is easy to defrost and clean, and the entire unit can covert into a miniature fridge if needed. It’s a very well-made and helpful addition to any kitchen.

Kegco 24” Single Tap Outdoor Kegerator

The Kegco 24” Single Tap Outdoor Kegerator is a beautiful design piece that lets you take your taps outside and take your next get-together to another level.  The stainless steel exterior gives it added protection from outside abuse and adds a handsome external appearance. 

Made of high-quality and weather-proof materials, this kegerator can sit right next to your barbeque or fire pit for a fantastic addition to your patio or deck. The gauge regulator can help you see when your CO2 tank needs refilled, and the digital temperature display makes monitoring easy. 

Forced air refrigeration and an air-cooled tower help keep the temperature of your beer consistent and enjoyable, while the temperature range allows you to serve more than just cold beer. 

The Kegco 24” Single Tap Outdoor Kegerator is a beautiful and functional addition to any backyard. It’s a high-quality machine that can serve you well during get-togethers, barbeques, family reunions, and block parties. 

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