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Five Top Tips for Buying a Custom Made Sofa

Home & GardenFive Top Tips for Buying a Custom Made Sofa

So, we’ve been in lockdown for nearly a year now. You’ve probably binge-watched every Netflix box set going and grown tired of putting up new shelves, so by this stage; you’re going to be bored of the same four walls. 

To break this monotony and make living environments more comfortable, many have decided to invest in their homes.

But how exactly could you improve your home?

That’s where considering buying a custom sofa online comes in.

This market has seen a boom in recent months, with many consumers seeing custom sofas as a perfect opportunity to personalise and work around their living spaces.  

But buying a custom sofa is a new experience for most, so it can seem daunting. However, a few simple tips can make this process stress-proof, ensuring you have a sofa that reflects your personality and works within your room’s layout.

Sizing Up

You’ve finally bought your new apartment, and the moving day has arrived. You’ve unboxed your possessions and managed to squeeze your sofa through the front door #, after lifting it up five flights of stairs. 

But wait.

It doesn’t fit in your living room. That’s where a custom-sized sofa which perfectly fits the dimensions of your room can come in handy, giving you full control of how you want to use the space in your home. You will need to consider your order’s width, depth, and height in relation to your room and the size of your doors. So, it’s worth noting the diagonal depth (DD) and diagonal height (DH) of your sofa. This helps you determine whether the couch be moved through a doorway at an angle, if necessary.

Consider All Options

Yes, sizing up is an essential practical consideration, but with custom pieces, you select other details like the colour, fabric and shape of the piece. So make the most of the power at your fingertips! You could do this by creating a virtual scrapbook by collating images and links of online designs that inspire or excite you. This way, you’ll have a visual catalogue of your tastes and preferences which friends or professionals can advise and work with. 

Who Doesn’t Like Freebies?

Whenever there is an opportunity to request any fabrics or designs of interest, make sure you do. 

Ordering samples removes one of the most prevalent online shopping issues, the lack of opportunity to feel the product. Seeing something on a computer screen relies on the eye test. But with samples, you can depend on another of your trusty senses: touch!

In It For The Long Haul

Custom sofas are pricey. So if you’re going to purchase one, make sure you plan to keep it long term. With this in mind, it might not be the wisest decision to pick something that is currently trendy (like bold, block colours), as it’ll probably look dated in four to five years. 

Return Policies

Sometimes, things don’t pan out as you expected. You might get sent a sofa which appears different on screen or doesn’t fit in the corner of your room you thought you had measured correctly. A smart way to mitigate these concerns is familiarising yourself with the return policy. Having the option to return an unwanted item will bring you peace of mind when purchasing. That way, if your new recliner just doesn’t sit right with you, you can always take it back (puns intended!)

Final Words

Buying a custom sofa can be a daunting prospect, but with these top tips, you can’t go far wrong!

Ideas by: Joe Slinn is a PR Specialist at Pearl Lemon. He enjoys hiking, playing football and watching boxing. 


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