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How to Do Influencer Marketing Right: A Mini-Guide

Social MediaHow to Do Influencer Marketing Right: A Mini-Guide

Influencer marketing has made the news for a myriad of reasons. Be it increasing credibility, brand awareness, or sales, influencers can do it all.

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That being said, there is also a dark side to this seemingly perfect strategy. Influencers are viewed as extensions of your brand. So, one small mistake can wreak havoc on your brand’s reputation. 

To avoid sticky situations of the sort, follow these three steps:

Chalk Out Your Goals

If you don’t have a clear idea of what you’re working towards, your efforts will go in vain. For instance, the approach for growing your social accounts won’t be the same as increasing sales. Without a set goal, you won’t be in a position to channel all your efforts to achieve it.

Additionally, goals not only give shape to your strategy, but they also help you determine the KPIs for tracking your progress.

Partner with the Right Influencers

There are hundreds of thousands of influencers out there, but it’s crucial to find the right ones for your brand. Partnering with the wrong influencers can lead to a waste of your budget and, in worst cases, may harm your brand too.

To avoid going down that road, take a close look at the influencer’s audience, their passion, content, and engagement rates. Also, note that while the number of followers is a key metric to consider, it isn’t all that matters.

Measure Your Results

Does influencer marketing really work for your brand, or are you simply whiling away your time and resources? The only way to find out is by conducting a concrete evaluation process.

Monitor your results regularly and see if your campaign is performing the way you wanted it to.

If you need help getting started with influencer marketing, there are a number of influencer marketing agencies out there. Read this blog for the best ones.

Infographic via Shane Barker

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