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How to earn Bitcoin for free in simple steps?

BusinessHow to earn Bitcoin for free in simple steps?

Bitocin is most widely spread and the worthiest cryptocurrency. Here are the platforms from where you can earn free bitcoins.

Bitcoin faucets to earn Bitcoin

Earn Bitcoin Faucets, or also called bitcoin taps in French, are websites or mobile applications, which pay tokens (bitcoin or other crypto-currencies) against small missions or tasks to be carried out.

The tasks to be accomplished can be very varied, such as making captchas, subscribing to a newsletter, downloading an application, playing a game or even watching an advertisement.

The user who performs these tasks then earns bitcoins for free, or more precisely tokens or stashes.

This is one of the best ways to earn bitcoin for free without spending anything. There are a large number of faucets on the internet.

Earn Bitcoin with FreeBitcoin

The FreeBitcoin bitcoin faucet is one of the oldest and most popular of the bitcoin faucets. It allows users to earn free bitcoin hourly by clicking on a “claim” button and captcha, which takes just a few seconds. Each time, the user wins between 50 satoshis and 0.03 BTC, but also bonuses and lottery tickets for a weekly raffle that wins 2 bitcoins for free!

FreeBitcoin therefore also offers a lottery game, bonus offers, interest on earnings already made, but also manual or automated betting games to increase bitcoin earnings.

Earn Bitcoin via MoonBitcoin:

MoonBitcoin is another faucet where you can quickly earn bitcoins. It is one of the most popular and reliable.

Unlike most other faucets where the user can earn bitcoins for free and every hour or even once a day,

MoonBitcoin offers the possibility for the user to manage the interval between each win on his own, with a minimum time of 5 minutes. Each entry can win 10 to 300 satoshis.

The faucet will fill up gradually – quite quickly at first, but it will slow down over time – until you make a claim. So the longer you leave it, the more you can earn.

You may prefer to claim a small amount every 5 minutes, or go once a day and claim the large amount that has accumulated while you were away!

There are also bonus systems to amplify the gains over time and site loyalty.

Other Moon Faucets are available for different cryptocurrencies: MoonLitecoin, MoonDoge, MoonDash and MoonCash!

Earn free Bitcoins with Bitfun

Bitfun is the faucet where you can earn the most bitcoins for free. Indeed, the faucet offers to earn free bitcoins every 3 minutes, with gains ranging from 10 to 150 satoshis. The longer you wait to claim, the higher the winnings will potentially be.

In addition, Bitfun offers a multitude of small games of all kinds: thinking, strategy, arcade … which also allow you to earn bitcoins while playing . There are also dice betting games and offers to accomplish internet tasks like taking surveys, downloading apps… and earning satoshis.

Crypto affiliation

Membership is a very effective way to earn bitcoin money in general on the internet, but it is also one of the best ways to earn bitcoin for free on the internet.

The concept of affiliate is simply to advertise a product through a website or social media, and attract new customers to earn commission earnings.

While it is possible to make affiliation on bitcoin products and services, such as on platforms where to buy bitcoin (eToro, Coinbase, Binance …) or wallets (Ledger, Trezor …) to earn commissions, some other sites offer affiliate programs to earn bitcoins directly.

These are mainly faucets like FreeBitcoin and MoonBitcoin, and many more. So, you can earn bitcoins directly from their sites, while also opening an affiliate program that will earn you bitcoin every time someone signs up on the site at your invitation.

Usually, you will also earn free bitcoins from your affiliates’ affiliates, on a number of levels, which can increase the earnings exponentially.

Bitcoin-paying blogs

It is also possible to earn bitcoins via blogging platforms. The concept is very simple and very interesting.

earn bitcoins blog

On the one hand, bloggers can earn bitcoins by writing and posting articles on the platform, and readers earn bitcoins for free for reading and rating the articles. Nothing will stop you from being a blogger and reader to

earn more.

More precisely, A reader reads and notes an article, the reader earns free bitcoins, while sharing a part, more or less important according to his choice, with the editor. It is therefore a kind of tip depending on the quality of the article read.

Some platforms do not pay directly in bitcoin, but the cryptocurrencies earned can then be exchanged for bitcoins.

Here are some examples of blogs paying in free Bitcoins.


Steemit is the first blockchain-based social media platform that pays you for your participation.

The Steemit project therefore has its own blockchain, but also its own cryptocurrency (STEEM), which allows value to be exchanged between members of the network. But also, then exchange them for bitcoins with an exchange like eToro X wallet.

The Steemit network works like any other social network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…), with published posts and followers. However, instead of the usual “likes”, on Steemit each member can vote for the content posted. And thus ensure remuneration for its owner, and also receive a part of it. Indeed, 75% of the earnings go to the author, and 25% to the voter.

Whether you are a fan of social networks or not, posting interesting content (posts, photos, videos, live) on Steemit is a good way to earn bitcoins. Especially if you quickly become popular with the community.

With Steemit, your publications and your “votes” will not benefit the social network, but you.

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