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How to Get noticed in the Oil and Gas Industry

ManagementHow to Get noticed in the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil is a type of commodity that the world cannot live without. The modern world is fueled by fuel.

The demand is constantly high, so the idea of making some noise in this industry might be something that any entrepreneur and angel investor should consider.

If that is the case, then the spotlight in the oil and gas industry is worth stepping on. But how do you do that?

Below are powerful and uncommon strategies to win attention in this market.

1) Notice to Get Noticed

There’s no doubt that social media is the best place to get noticed, but only if you can do it right. Let us compare human attention to a grasshopper. Undivided attention is almost impossible to maintain for long periods. If attention can be likened to a grasshopper, then it is essential to know where the grasshopper is hopping. In the case of human attention, it is on the internet and, more specifically, on social media.

There are hundreds of ways to get noticed on social media. The challenge lies in picking the appropriate ones for you. Now, here’s the thing, there is a straightforward principle that works well all the time. It goes like this you get noticed when you notice them first—a plethora of marketing strategies and tactics rooted in this principle.

One example is taking photographs of your customer’s vehicles or simply conducting fun interviews and then posting them on social media. Another good illustration of this principle is engaging with various people on social media, which also works well. Contests and events on social media are also good. These strategies will show that you notice people and want them to participate. The main ingredient here is focusing on connecting and networking.

Creating a culture or a community on social media is also an excellent idea. You can start by offering membership cards. Consumers want to feel a sense of exclusivity, and membership cards with exclusive benefits can effectively do this. Here’s another option, you can create a page or a community that involves your members and anyone who desires to join. Make sure that the community has an enticing image that anybody likes to be a part of.   

2) The Impossible Shots

In the history of basketball, they did a lot of iconic shots without proper form. Some people may call them impossible shots. This type of shot could be risky, but it can win a championship. Similarly, this applies to business.

Conventional strategies give conventional results. Daring to do things differently could skyrocket your chances of getting noticed by the masses.

To win in the oil and gas industry, you have to deviate from the norm. If you want to gain massive attention, you have to go beyond the shackles of the status quo.

To illustrate, picture out a gasoline station giving comic books to dads and moms to read to their kids at home. Document it and post it online. Another example is creating campaigns promoting safe driving protocols by providing safety bracelets for “Mindful Drivers” to be worn while driving.

For sure, you can have better ideas than just giving comic books and being an advocate for safety. Such examples can sound totally out of tune in the oil and gas industry, but such things could help you by a ton. It works perfectly in conquering any market in every industry. The key is to be known differently.  

3) If there will be more, what is it?

Value attracts attention, and value comes in different forms. You will get noticed when you perceive it as valuable.

Picture this out when you are handed money by someone else, and you have to choose between 20 and 500. Of course, you will decide to pick 500. Why? Because it has a much higher value. This analogy best sums up the significance of providing MORE value to your customers. The goal is to perceive it as high value.

It can do when you take the trouble to provide extra value. Giving something more is more like amplifying the decision to choose you and buy from you.

There are countless ways to pull this off. One example is creating content that your target market will love and find useful. It can also be in the form of free items such as a bottle opener with a funny design or a car interior sticker with a great quote/funny meme.

You can even surprise your customers with a dollar discount Friday for selected loyal customers. There is no limit to being creative with adding more value to your service. Intensifying customer satisfaction is a good marketing tactic to attract more attention. Lastly, excellence in your manpower could make a huge difference.   


Statistically, this industry has a substantial positive potential with only minimal and manageable downsides. It is because of the constantly high oil demand. But despite all that, this doesn’t mean that doing business in this industry would be easy. Perhaps, there is a lot to learn and explore here.

One thing is for sure; the oil and gas industry could help you build a sustainable money-making machine. This idea can be proven right by looking at high demand levels and the massive volume of money circulating in the commodity markets.

In this industry, the money game starts with getting known. The more you get noticed, the more you win. Sometimes, the “best” does not match the “best known” or the most popular.

Follow the tips above, and you will indeed dominate this industry in no time!

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