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How To Give Your Bedroom A Cozy And Stylish Ambiance

Home & GardenHow To Give Your Bedroom A Cozy And Stylish Ambiance

Movie theaters, coffee shops, cabins, spas, and cafes have a few things in common. But, mostly, they give you that warm fuzzy feeling that such places can make you fall asleep quickly. Thus, you can get some ideas or inspiration from these places when styling your bedroom. You can mix and match the best elements and create your version of cozy and stylish. And, here are a few tips to do that: 

  1. Bring In Texture 

Play around with different kinds of texture. Anything that makes you feel warm and safe—it can be a soft cloth that feels good on your skin, like fresh linens, textured throw pillows, duvet covers, and blankets. Don’t be afraid to put throw pillows on the bed. You can also put pillows on the baskets either at the foot of the bed or at the side. Add a rug or carpet to keep your feet warm. However, if you’re a pet owner, you can wear bedroom slippers instead. You also need a curtain; the drapery is another kind of texture. 

Texture isn’t just limited to cloth; it can also be wooden furniture. Perhaps, you can get oak bedside tables. A warm-colored stone brick wall can also be a good addition to the room and beige or brown-colored leather furniture. You can accessorize with accent pieces that complement the entire room color. 

  1. Use The Right Kind Of Lighting 

Create that cozy and warm vibe by choosing the right kind of lighting. Take a look at your bedroom, and see the lighting. One light source won’t be enough; you’ll need a few more. Use warm white light, which is around 3,000 to 4,000 kelvins. Anything beyond that is cool white light often used in the office.  

You can mix warm and colorful lights depending on your preference. And, to feel a little luxe, you can light a few candles. But, to be safe and avoid possible fire, you can use faux candles instead. If you feel a little quirky, you can also use fairy lights. 

  1. Add Plants, Flowers, Or Succulents 

Bring life into your room by adding plants, flowers, or succulents. The benefits of having indoor plants include getting fresher and cleaner air. You’d feel calm around plants. They’re also therapeutic. Plants can also balance the wood texture in your bedroom.

Here are a few indoor plants that you can put in your bedroom. 

  • Aloe Vera – You can use it to moisturize your skin and scalp. It can also be used to soothe minor burns. Some people would even eat it. It’s one of the easiest plants to take care of as it can even thrive for three weeks without water. 
  • Gerbera Daisy – It’s one of the best plants for improving air quality and removing toxins, like formaldehyde and benzene, which are pollutants. 
  • Echeveria Elegans – This is often used as a gift. It’s also easy to maintain, which means it’s fit for beginners. 
  1. Hang Your Favorite Art Pieces

Art can bring personality and character to your room. You can either hang small paintings or use one big painting. But, remember not to overcrowd one area. You can do a trial-and-error first to see which pieces look good together or complement each other. Paintings can also insulate the walls, and it’s one way to fill your empty room. Empty space doesn’t look cozy, and it produces echoes. Artworks, rugs, curtains, layers of linens, and throw pillows can prevent sounds from bouncing off the walls. 

  1. Create A Reading Nook 

Create a reading nook by the balcony or the window. You can repurpose an old closet and turn it into a nook. Otherwise, you can ask someone to build one for you. It’s an excellent place to sip your favorite hot drink while reading a good book. Also, having a nook makes your bedroom look cozier. 

  1. Keep Your Room Tidy 

Maintain cleanliness and orderliness at all times. Make your bed after waking up. Don’t store your dirty clothes in the bedroom; put them straight to the laundry. You can also invest in an oil diffuser or humidifier, and use your favorite scent. Otherwise, you can use coffee beans if you prefer the smell of cafes or coffee shops. 

  1. Invest In Good Quality Bed 

Invest in a good quality mattress. And, while you’re at it, get yourself comfortable sleepwear, like matching silk or cotton pajamas. You work hard every day; therefore, you deserve only the best. Furthermore, aside from lighting candles, you can add white nois. But ,if you live near the woods, the sound of the insects will do the work. If you live by the sea, the waves will suffice, too.


Your bedroom is a place where you can rest and be at peace. Therefore, when creating a cozy yet stylish place, you should consider adding texture, putting plants, having a reading nook, and hanging paintings. You also need to use the right kind of lighting. In addition, make sure to keep your room tidy. Most importantly, don’t be scared to splurge on a good bed.

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