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How to Make a Simple YouTube Marketing Plan For Your New Channel

MarketingHow to Make a Simple YouTube Marketing Plan For Your New Channel

Diving into the sea of more than 37 million Youtube channels may drown you from the thoughts of how your new channel can get noticed among all other content creators out there.

You don’t want to throw videos on Youtube only to find out in the next few days or weeks that it is not reaching your target audience nor getting relevant engagement. You have to have an effective Youtube Marketing Plan in launching your new channel.

In this article, you don’t need to be a marketing expert to completely understand simple and effective strategies and tips you can replicate in launching your new channel.

But before you get there, let us define the basic concepts first.

What is Youtube Marketing

It is just like any business marketing strategy and social media marketing. However, in Youtube marketing, the medium used is through the Youtube platform. By using video content that not only markets your brand, it should also align with your vision and goals. 

With the fast-paced growth and potential of online marketing, businesses now use video marketing tools. It has increased by 41% since 2016. Among these marketers, 93% believed that videos are an integral part of their marketing strategy.

Youtube reached a massive 2.3 billion users on their platform last year. This 2021, Youtube ranked second as the most viewed website in the US alone with more than 930 million monthly traffic and ranked first globally with almost 5.5 billion monthly traffic. 

Numbers don’t lie. Youtube, combined with the possible impact of the data presented, is a powerful tool. Now, Youtube Marketing comes into the picture.

Whether you think Youtube is just a video content platform or a social media site, it is undeniable that marketing opportunities on this website are endless. 

How Can You Make A Simple Marketing Plan For Your New Channel?

Now that you have decided to start your Youtube channel, how should you properly promote brand awareness? Of course, you should start by planning it right. The way for you to do this is by creating a structured marketing plan.

In this section, a step-by-step guide on how to make your Youtube channel brand marketing plan. It will be easy-to-follow guidelines that you can incorporate even if you’re only a complete beginner in the video content creation field. 

1. Create your YouTube Channel aligned to your brand

We will no longer explain the steps in creating a YouTube channel here. The necessary steps you should perform will prompt you once you’re in the process of establishing your new YouTube channel on the website. What you need to know is how to convey your brand’s voice to your channel’s visitors. Attractive channel layout, cohesive content, and concise descriptions about your brand. 

Capture your audience through your attractive channel layout.  Studies show that the brain can remember 80% of what humans see compared to 20% of what they read. If people like the visual presentation, they probably get curious and want to know more about it. 

In the same sense, when people visit your channel profile and they like the colors, banners, logo, font colors, and call to action (CTA), chances are, they will scan and discover more about your brand and your content. 

Your YouTube thumbnails should be in line with your brand identity. Avoid making thumbnails that contradict your brand color scheme. If your channel is about beauty and makeup, most viewers won’t click your video if they see dark and dull colors in your thumbnail. 

If you do not know how to create eye-catching thumbnails, a  YouTube thumbnail maker is available online. You do not need to fret when you have zero skills in terms of graphic design using Photoshop. Using a YouTube thumbnail creator will ease your mind when it comes to this type of worry. 

Plan a cohesive flow to the video content you upload. The next thing viewers do not like is the unorganized and disoriented channel they are subscribing to. If you want people to know your brand channel, you must establish consistency in your brand voice. Make people remember and recognize your YouTube channel whenever you upload video content.

Write concise video descriptions that capture viewers’ attention.  Now that you have found a YouTube thumbnail creator that helps you create attractive video thumbnails for your YouTube channel, you can pair it up with a video description that adds value to the visual content you present. 

Your descriptions will speak about your brand’s personality and uniqueness. You can personalize it by using taglines or greetings. Strut your style, creativity, and compelling words when writing your brand description.

2. Upload regular video content to increase your YouTube presence

Just like a business with a physical store, its loyal customers will always come back for more of its products offered from time to time. 

YouTube also, on the other hand, recognizes channels that consistently upload content. Active channels which regularly release videos achieve more online presence and most likely appear on their target audience’s feed. 

So, set a plan as to when you will upload your videos. Don’t slack off when it comes to this aspect. 

Kindly note that viewers most likely won’t finish watching long video content. Divide your long video idea into parts but still keep it interesting. In this way, you can have more content to upload. 

Create a series of video playlists for your channel. If you have big chunks of idea content for your channel, YouTube allows you to arrange them into playlists. It is a clever way for you to add more features to your YouTube channel. Also, your viewers can easily navigate through your videos since they have been arranged in a series of playlists.  

Capture the attention of your viewers with noteworthy titles. ‘Clickbait’ titles will stop viewers from scrolling down looking for the next video to watch. But, we do not want to mislead your audience from watching your content through your title. 

YouTube video titles are a crucial part of the video marketing in the platform itself. Keywords are incorporated in the titles of your videos. Similarly, these keywords determine your ranking in the search results of YouTube. 

So if you want your content to get on the top of the YouTube search results list, maximize your title and make it SEO friendly. If you are not so familiar with SEO, take some time to study it or look for people who can help you. 

Great quality content is the key to more views and recognition. Good quality products lead to repeat customers. If your products are proven to be effective, customers will most likely come back and buy again. 

However, on YouTube, great video content will lead to more views and recommendations. That means more people will also subscribe to your channel. Then, your subscribers will comment on your videos more frequently than those who did not subscribe to your channel.  

If your loyal subscribers love your content, they will let you know through the comment section. Now, whenever potential subscribers come across your video, they can see the positive feedback in your videos. They will be intrigued as to what you can offer to them. And more importantly, they will add to your channel’s conversion rate. 

Now that is a positive thing you can look forward to if you keep this simple YouTube marketing plan in mind. 

3. Maximize YouTube features and management tools

YouTube has added tools and cool features to help you maximize its marketing potential. Among these are cards and end screens.

Cards are notifications that appear on the top right portion of your video (when using mobile or PC) that contain messages you want your audience to click and view. You can link it to your merchandise, products, other videos, playlists, or any announcement about your brand. 

End screens, on the other hand, can be added to the last 5-20 seconds of your video. It is an option for your viewers to watch more of your channel’s content and videos, adding to your watch time and views. Here, you can insert other CTAs such as the subscribe button, link to your website, and promote other channels on YouTube. 

Place your cards and end screens at the right timing. Put it smartly when a CTA of your video urges your viewers to take action. 

4. Collaborate with Influencers on YouTube

We all know social media influencers have a large number of followers. Their followers are your potential audience too. Find influencers that can best represent your brand and your channel. Reach out to them and build a partnership that will benefit you both. 

Influencers can be a good marketing strategy for your channel growth for the reasons that:

  • Their audience and followers will know your presence
  • Collaboration of skills and ideas
  • Spice up the content videos that cross-match both you and your influencer

In this way, you can expect more engagement and benefits that will help you grow your channel. 

5. Take a look at your competition’s performance

With the large population of YouTube creators, competitions are everywhere. Each of them, including you, is itching to get ahead of each other. 

Take a closer look and see how well your competition is doing. You can outline your competitor’s strategies and techniques and take cues from them. Create and build a framework that will work better for your brand. Assess which aspects of your competition are performing well while you are not. Make it a benchmark and improve these aspects of your channel.

6. Monitor your channel’s performance using YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics is a tool that helps creators monitor their channel’s performance. Take a comprehensive assessment of your numbers. This will help you identify the areas you need to improve. 

Your channel’s engagements, views, and watch time are displayed and analyzed in this tool. The Analytics will show your YouTube channel’s numbers and percentages, displayed in metrics form, and is easily understood.

YouTube Analytics insights will be your assessment report. Whether you need to have more engaging content, respond more to your viewers’ comments and feedback, or improve your video titles and descriptions to rank up your channel in the search results list. 

Constantly monitor your performance and never stop looking for ways to up your game and improve. Your marketing plan need not be outdated and stationary. Explore and discover more ideas and be creative in your approach.

At The End

It is easy to get lost in a wave of content creators on YouTube when you do not prepare a concrete marketing plan for your channel. Marketers have seen the massive reach of YouTube to potential consumers. Elevate your brand presentation by following these simple yet very effective guidelines in establishing your YouTube marketing plan. Stand out from your competitors and leave an impact on your audience through these tips. Be consistent. Get the best results that you want.

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