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Is Dental Sedation Good For Women?

HealthIs Dental Sedation Good For Women?

Introduction to Sedation Dentistry

Dental sedation involves administering the patient with sedative drugs. This relieves pain and places the patient in a very relaxed state before and during a dental procedure.

The commonly available methods for sedation in dental patients are oral sedation, inhalation sedation(here the patient breathes in nitrous oxide through a nasal hood, IV moderate sedation, and general anaesthesia. General anaesthesia is commonly used for surgery and a small percentage of people who are not good candidates for sedation dentistry.

Dental sedation during medical procedures is very popular and it offers many benefits for both the patient and the dentist.

Is it safe?

When used properly, sedation is a very safe option that makes dental procedures easier and less painful for the patients. It’s preferable to choose a doctor who has the proper training and follows the correct steps. This makes sedation risk-free for women and children. Some steps the doctor follows to make the procedure safe include:

  • Taking the patient’s medical history and understanding the individual’s circumstances before recommending sedation.
  • Monitoring the patient’s heart rates and oxygen levels throughout the medical procedure.

Benefits of sedation in females

According to a study, females react differently to some medications. Differences in weight, fat accumulation, age, and gender play an important role in how the body responds to different medications.

Read on further to find the risks and benefits included when females undergo sedation.

Relief from Anxiety

According to research, females are more prone to anxiety than males. This makes them more fearful to undergo any medical procedure. According to another research, dental fear and anxiety are higher in females than males. This scares most of the females away from receiving the medical care they require as they are frightened. Dental sedation offers a painless experience and they do not feel anxious.

Minimal gag reflex

The gag reflex can be a hindrance when the doctor is working on the mouth. Gagging can lead to serious problems and its prevention will help. Sedation helps in reducing the gag reflex and the doctor can carry on the work without causing any damage.

Relief from pain

One of the main reasons for sedation is the pain. Due to sedation, the patient does not need to endure any pain during the treatment and hence can be more comfortable.

Efficient treatment by the doctor

Sedating the patients can stop them from fidgeting or moving when the dentist is working. The doctor does not need to worry about the patient’s reaction and can perform the treatment faster and more efficiently.

No memory of the procedure

Some women are extremely fearful of undergoing the medical procedure. They are anxious and do not want memories of anything that went on during the treatment. Sedation helps in this as the patient will have little memory of the time during the treatment.

Risks of Sedation in Females

In a few cases, sedation can cause some side effects. Below is a list of cases where sedation is to be avoided.


There have been studies which show dental sedation in children can be risky and is preferable only in absolute need. Sedation could also be risky for elderly women if they have some underlying medical issues and they must have proper care.


Pregnant women should avoid sedation at every stage of their pregnancy. If the patient suspects she is pregnant but is not sure, then she must inform the doctor without fail.


The patient could turn out to be allergic to the medication used in sedation. The patient needs to inform the dentist of any allergies she might have.

Nasal congestion

Sedation could be a problem in case the patient is suffering from a stuffy nose. The patient breathes in the nitrous oxide through a nasal hood provided by the dentist. During a cold, the patient might have trouble breathing in the gas which causes trouble.

Intake of Alcohol

It is advisable not to consume alcohol before undergoing any treatment under sedation. Drinking alcohol could cause serious complications like breathing problems or lowering of blood pressure.

Respiratory Diseases

Patients suffering from any respiratory problems should avoid sedation. Breathing trouble and other side effects could occur if the patient takes in oral sedation.

Other medicines

Taking other medication for some purpose could have a negative effect on the body when they mix with the sedation drugs. The patient must inform the doctor about every medication they take.

Obesity and sleep apnea

Women suffering from sleep apnea should avoid dental sedation. Women who snore and are overweight must discuss this with their doctor.


Sedation, when given properly by the doctor, will relax anxious women and make them more comfortable. The doctor can treat more efficiently and spare the patient any pain. To avoid the risks the females should inform the doctor of any medical related issues and current medications.

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