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Ka Ho Cho – Fourth Wife Of Red Foxx

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Ka Ho Cho is best known as the fourth and final wife of actor and stand-up comedian Redd Foxx. Since the celebrity’s wife (KaHo Cho) keeps her personal life hidden, we don’t know much about her. Besides being Sanford’s wife and the son’s actor, she has no other identities. The following article will look at Kaho Cho’s biography, age, parents, education, siblings, net worth, career, and other facts.

1NameKa Ho Cho
3NationalityRepublic of South Korea
4HusbandJohn Elroy Sanford
5Step-daughterDebraca Denise Foxx
6Net worth$3M


Kaho Cho’s biography

Kaho Cho was born in the South Korean metropolis of Seoul in 1959. She has turned 62 years old. Kaho Cho is of Asian origin and was born in South Korea. She holds dual citizenship in the US and the Republic of Korea. The Korean girl is thin and attractive. Her stunning brown hair matches her Asian personality. Her friends and relatives call her Kaho.

Kaho Cho education, childhood, parents, affairs, siblings, or lifestyle team tried much to gain info about her childhood, education, parents, affairs, siblings, or lifestyle, but no any records were found.

Kaho Cho husband

As previously said, Kaho Cho is well renowned for being Redd Foxx’s fourth wife. Redd Foxx met Kaho at the Bally’s Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas in 1981, two years after his third divorce. They began dating soon each other, and after a few years of relationship, they married in 1991 at the Little Church of West in Las-Vegas. They held a reception at the Hacienda Hotel.

Kaho rose in popularity and quickly built her fan base. In an interview with Jet Magazine, Redd said Kaho Cho is his fourth and final wife. She was with him side by side even through his worst days. Due to his inability to pay, Foxx owed $3 million in delinquent taxes. They were happy for the first three months of their marriage. However, while working on a scene for the film “The Royal Family” with his co-star, he suffered a heart attack and dropped to the floor.

The staff and performers initially suspected him of a prank because the actor is skilled at impersonating heart attacks on television. When they noticed no movement in his body, they assumed something was wrong and took him to the hospital. After barely a few hours, doctors declared him dead in 1991.

John Elroy Sanford, is famous by his stage name Redd Foxx, was an American stand-up comedian and actor. He has appeared in approximately 50 records during his life. His most well-known roles include Sanford and Son, Harlem Nights and Cotton Comes to Harlem, The Redd Foxx Show, and The Royal Family. His supporters dub him “King of the Party Records.”

Redd Foxx’s past relationships

Redd Foxx had three divorces before marrying Kaho Cho. Every time the reasons for divorce were incompatible. He married Evelyn Killebrew in 1948, but he was not yet a Hollywood star and was still washing dishes at Malcolm X. They separated in 1951.

He married Betty Jean Harris, a dancer, and showgirl, in 1956. They first met in a nightclub, where Redd was performing his comedic performances. Their relationship lasted 19 years.

He married Yun Chi Chung in a church in Las Vegas in 1976. She was 20 years of Redd’s junior. In 1979, he filed for divorce.

Ka ho Cho Career

Ka ho Cho made a reasonable living. However, the media is unaware of much of her professional background.

Interesting facts of Kaho Cho 

  • Redd had no children from any of his partnerships, although he did adopt Debraca Denise, the daughter of his second wife and a guy from her previous relationship.
  • Debraca was Foxx’s lone heir.
  • When Kaho Cho learned that Debraca was misusing her father’s money, she filed a lawsuit against her.


Who is the fourth wife of Red Foxx?

Ka Ho Cho is the fourth wife of Red Foxx.

What is the nationality of Ka Ho Cho?

She is nationalist of Republic of South Korea.

What is the age of KaHo Cho?

As by the year 2023 she is 63 years old.

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