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Latest Texture Wall Painting Ideas for Your Bedroom

Home & GardenLatest Texture Wall Painting Ideas for Your Bedroom

Beautiful walls are not just about colors. Great textures play with light and shadow to create beautiful effects that can be mesmerizing for the eyes. Your bedroom is a sacred place where you spend most of your time. Instead of investing in too many colors that may be tacky for the eyes, you should try different textures for wall painting. Check out the perfect colors for your room at Asian Paints price.

Highlight your walls

Giving different textures to your walls can play with the spatial dimensions of the room. As light plays differently with each texture, it can give a spacious look to your room. For example- if all your bedroom walls are painted in blue, you can highlight one wall by adding a seashell texture over the headboard of your bed. This will establish a focal point for the eyes and give more interest to your room.

Different kinds of effects can be made to create a dazzling texture for your bedroom. Some interesting effects that you can explore are dapple, colorwash, trellis, delta, and brushing. Using a textured wall will instantly give a feeling of depth to your bedroom. Neutrals can go very well with textured walls to add details to the room. Avoid the usage of too many patterns in other objects and furniture items as they will cause a distraction for the eyes.

Different ways to use texture

Textures can also work with minor patterns for a contemporary and stylish feel to the room. Using a geometric pattern with a dapple effect can give a detailed look to your walls without being too tacky for the eyes.

High-gloss paints can create excellent textures on walls because of their shiny and hard surface. Using metallic paints to create textures can give an extra sense of depth and shine to these walls. The shiny texture of metallic paints has an elusive charm and can give a dreamy sensation to your bedroom. Even simple designs like dunes or safari-sheet can work brilliantly with metallic paints. Look up these exciting colors at texture paint.

Using rustic textures

Rustic textures that depict a brick and mortar or woodboards can give your bedroom a more raw and earthy feeling. Using concrete texture can feel more industrial and modern while using wooden texture can be an attempt to bring nature in your room. Wood gives a more intimate feeling to a space. Their simplistic nature will not draw too much of attention but work their charm in subtle ways. Rustic settings can give way to better flow of creativity for the owner of the room.


Textures can work similar to wallpapers except that they feel more natural for the space. A textured wall is best when left empty but you can add a few portraits and pictures if you want. Keeping a minimal design is best for bedrooms as you don’t want to make them appear too cluttered. Textures should also be used according to the light settings. Using textures can be a great way to enhance a minimalistic space like a bedroom. 

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