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Leading Telemedicine Platform Online Medical Card Now Caters To Ohio

HealthLeading Telemedicine Platform Online Medical Card Now Caters To Ohio

Ohio, December 19th, 2021:  Online Medical Card, the nation’s leading telemedicine platform that connects prospective medical cannabis patients with licensed doctors online, announced today that its services will be expanded to Ohio. Residents of the state who have a serious medical condition that necessitates the use of medical marijuana can now conduct an online consultation from the comfort and privacy of their own homes. Conditions that qualify include persistent muscle spasms and glaucoma, as well as severe pain, PTSD, and others.

Since 2009, Onlinemedicalcard has assisted over 300,000 medical marijuana patients in California, New York, and elsewhere in obtaining their online medical cannabis recommendation. This indicates that they are moving forward with their mission to improve people’s quality of life through cannabis. With their new medical cannabis program, expanding their services to Ohio seems appropriate and in a new light.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of Ohio’s medical marijuana community,” said Dr. Fu, founder of Online Medical Card. “We hope that Ohio will see the value in allowing medical marijuana telemedicine services to continue indefinitely.” Even after the pandemic is over, which we don’t know when that will be, telemedicine is a tremendously valuable tool for at-risk patients.”

A medical card is a document that allows people to obtain medical cannabis to treat a medical condition. Each state has a different set of medical conditions that qualify for a recommendation. It is a legal document that is recommended by state-licensed doctors that contains a patient’s information as well as the condition that qualifies them for medical marijuana. This was mostly accomplished through in-person clinic visits, which slowed and even slowed some people down.

“Patients with severe medical problems have faced gaps in medical care for decades due to mobility issues or due to the amount of time it takes to wait in a doctor’s office for care,” says Dr. Fu. “This is where enters the picture. Onlinemedicalcard is enabling more people across the country to access cannabis for relief from suffering and pain caused by chronic conditions thanks to advances in telemedicine.”

With each passing day, more states are embracing medical cannabis. Not only that but there is a gradual increase in the number of people endorsing the plant and its medicinal properties. Aside from scientific research and study, numerous anecdotal reports have favored medical marijuana.

About Online Medical Card

Online Medical Card has been assisting people in obtaining medical marijuana recommendations since its inception in California in 2009. They started with in-person visits and have since progressed to online consultations, assisting over 400,000 patients. Since its inception, Online Medical Card has consistently worked to expand outside of the state, assisting the industry in making progress.

With new state laws in favor of medical marijuana being implemented, the company is looking to expand its service area. They are currently advising the states of Pennsylvania, New York, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Oklahoma.

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