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Living in Monterey, CA after college

LifestyleLiving in Monterey, CA after college

Are you planning on moving to Monterey, California right after your college? Well, you are definitely not the only one. There are many reasons why so many people decide to call Monterey home. Young professionals move there because the economy is booming and there are many job possibilities. People starting a family like Monterey because it is safe and offers a great education system. On top of all that, this county boasts with its warm weather, open space, great landscapes, being close to the Ocean and having a slower pace of life. Sounds amazing, right? Keep on reading to find out what your life would look like when living in Monterey, California, after college.

Great Cities and Neighborhoods to Choose From

Of course, before you call Mod Movers to help you relocate, you first have to decide where will you settle in. Luckily, in Monterey, you will have plenty of options. There are great cities and neighborhoods for young professionals and great cities and neighborhoods for those who finished their education and are now ready to start a family. So, based on your needs and your budget, here are some great options: 

  • Carmel-by-the-Sea is a small town in Monterey, California. Here you will experience that suburban feel and live in close-knit communities. It is peaceful, safe and has some of the best primary schools in all of California. Moreover, there is plenty to do there too. While parents enjoy coffee shops and restaurants, kids can play on the beach or in some park. Thus, if you plan on raising a family right after college, Caramel-by-the-Sea is the place for you.
  • Del Monte Forest is another small town in Monterey County. This small town is home to many young professionals. And, almost everybody here owns a house. There are many small coffee shops and restaurants here where you can enjoy your business coffee every single morning.
  • Pacific Grove – This small beach town is maybe not the best place to enjoy your nightlife, but it sure is a great place to grow up. You will always see and hear children playing on the streets. The beach and parks are always full of people enjoying their days.
Parents walking their daughter while living n Monerey.
Monterey is heaven on earth for those people planning to start a family.

Housing and Real Estate

Well, when it comes to housing and the real estate market in Monterey County, California, we have to say that it is above the national average. So, before you choose the right service option when relocating, keep that in mind. Yes, the cost of living and housing prices are high, but for a good reason too. Monterey County is safe, welcoming, clean, has all the amenities you can think of, plenty of job possibilities, you have the parks, the mountains, the beach, and the health and education systems are top-notch. When it comes to real estate, even though it is expensive, people here tend to buy more than rent. Thus, the median home value in Monterey is around $520,000 and the average rent is around $1,995. 

A family home.
You will not have to worry about living tiny in Monterey. Houses here are big and almost all of them have yards.

Education and Schools

As previously mentioned, Monterey is mostly occupied with families and younger adults who plan on starting a family soon. With that being said, if you belong to one of these two groups, you are probably interested in the quality of education. Fear not, both the education system and schools are top-notch. Every neighborhood here has its own preschool and primary school. And there are plenty of high schools and colleges to choose from too. Moreover, if your budget allows it, you send your child to one of the private schools here as well. However, you will not make a mistake with public schools either. Primary schools here are rated above the average and the Caramel high school is one of the best in all of California.

A schoolboy running.
Safe neighborhoods and great schools are every parent’s dream, Monterey offers just that.

What to Do on Your Free Weekends in Monterey

And now, after the entire process of relocation is finished, you started your new job and found a great school for your child, it is time to breathe out. Yes, you can use your free time and free weekends for relaxing. But, it would be a shame to miss out on everything Monterey has to offer. So, prepare for some fun and memorable weekends. Here are some suggestions:

  • Visit the Pinnacles National Park – This is America’s newest national park. You, adventurous types, here you can enjoy hiking through the caves and climbing over ancient lava fields. And, you, relaxed types, gather your friends and family and prepare for some camping. Whatever you decide to do, one thing is for sure – you will catch some unbelievable views.
  • Play golf at Pebble Beach – Yes, Pebble Beach is great for water sports and enjoying the sand and sea, but this particular beach is famous for its golf courses. If you are a golf lover, this will be your heaven on earth.
  • Go on a date at Caramel-by-the-Sea – this small town, already mentioned above, is great for other things too. According to many, this town is one of the most romantic, artistic and fairytale-like places in the world. White sand beaches, orchards, boutiques, galleries, and inns are just some things you can enjoy here.

Go fishing at Moss Landing – another small town in Monterey County. Here everybody and everything is obsessed with water. Water sports, seafood cuisine, fishing, meeting the sea otters, etc. This is also a great place for bird watching too!

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