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User Retention Optimization in Facebook Marketing: A new Hope for Mobile App Advertisers

Mobile PhonesUser Retention Optimization in Facebook Marketing: A new Hope for Mobile App Advertisers

Facebook is one of the main social media websites for the promotion of mobile applications, customer retention, and developing a good relationship with them. Recently, it launched the User Retention Optimization feature and added four metrics to analyse the effectiveness of user retention efforts for a mobile application.

This feature allows companies to show ads to interested users and create more sales every day. But, did you ever consider how effective and cost-effective Facebook advertising campaigns are and do they really bring money to developers of mobile applications apart from increasing awareness of the product?

There are many companies that go for in-depth integration with Facebook to promote mobile applications and measure the overall ROI. This new assessment tool provides an accurate measure of profitability and works in real time, allowing marketers and mobile application developers to make instant decisions on the promotion of apps on Facebook and get the desired results. As per Facebook, 10-12% of application users remain active for seven days after downloading an app and only 4-5% are active for more than 30 days.

How to keep valuable users associated with your brand and retain the old ones? Let’s mull.

  1. Look for Reasons Why Users Are Relinquishing Your App

These days, almost all marketing strategies are created around the sales funnel clause, which aims to the transformation of a potential client into a real lead. But it would be relevant to identify the cause of the outflow of customers and take all possible stems to keep them associated with your brand rather than pushing new ads to loyal customers massively who are already purchasing from you. This will double your level of customer retention in an easy way.

  1. Proper Use of Reasonable Push Notifications

Sending push notifications to mobile users is an important part of a retention plan as it will help you to attract and retain them in the future. Most individuals abuse it actively. Always keep in mind that the default screen about the consent of users to receive push-notifications is not effective enough.

Send such requests to customers within the applications or in the interval between the performance of targeted actions by users. Never send annoying or too frequent messages which lead to disastrous results as users will delete your application or go to the settings page to turn off annoying notifications. Ensure competent personalization, contextualization and selection of proper content that offer great value to clients.

  1. Capture High-value Old Customers

Always keep in mind that user retention is not an easy task as it demands high-priority and 100% commitments from digital marketing professionals. Captured users can bring considerable profits to app developers by buying the advertised products and services.

Generally, an average consumer has about 33 applications on his mobile device, but only 12 of them are operational. Make your mobile app more useful and periodically send reminder notifications to users about your products and services.

Apps related to travel, finance, and travel brands often double their programs in their 30-60- and 90-day user retention rates through the use of notifications. Always target a similar audience in the beginning and try to attract mobile users who have common features with your real user base, based on demographic characteristics and their mobile experience.

Final Words

Almost 80% of all mobile phone users download different types of apps. Always keep in mind that people use several applications regularly, and constantly delete them after some days. Although no optimization or a well-developed marketing strategy can guarantee you the expected results in the user-retention program. But you can use Facebook’s User Retention Optimization to promote your apps on this social platform and get back old users easily. Good luck!

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