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NPP Steroids Cycle Results, Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage

HealthNPP Steroids Cycle Results, Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage

NPP Steroide cycles have an exciting story behind we will reveal every level, and everything you need to know about NPP Steroide cycles will be discussed here.

You need to know before using NPP Steroid Cycle example, NPP steroid cycles use, instructions for NPP Steroid Cycle use, NPP Steroid Cycle Dosage, NPP Steroid Cycle Benefits, NPP Steroid Cycle Side Effects, NPP Steroid Cycle Results, and many other curries you must have before using NPP Steroid cycles.

But after reading this thoroughly, We do not think anything will be missed.

You must have experienced once in your life of other anabolic Steroids and might know their consumption mood. Still, you do not know and start from zero, and we are here to discuss every single thing about NPP Steroid Cycle.

NPP Steroids cycles are not different from other Anabolic Steroids, and it is consumed in cycle mood like other Anabolic Steroids.

We will mention the cycle of NPP Steroids here; before this, we should have some basic knowledge about the NPP Steroid cycle.

We were talking about the exciting story in the first paragraph of this article, and you must be thinking about where the story is and when we will reveal it. There are many stories related to the NPP Steroid cycle. Still, the first one is about how athletes and bodybuilders start consuming and whether it was made for athletes and bodybuilders.

The answers to the above questions are like this. The NPP Steroid cycle was developed to treat osteoporosis and breast cancer in women.

It is popular among bodybuilders and athletes due to its high anabolic benefits and lesser androgenic effects than other steroids. 

This substance protects them from more extreme estrogen and other adverse effects.

NPP Steroid cycles consumed by athletes and bodybuilders must be correct; otherwise, NPP will side effects, and their benefits and outcomes are mentioned below.

What is NPP Steroid?

Nandrolone Phenylpropionate is commonly known as NPP and is a traditional Anabolic Steroid with minor Androgenic properties. Organon Company first introduced this substance in the 1950s and sold it under the brand name Durabolin. 

Later, as technology advanced and new Anabolic steroids were discovered, this corporation created another steroid chemical, Nandrolone Decanoate, and started selling it under the brand name Deca Durabolin.

As we all have been listening to a single phrase for a long time in business, as demand increases, companies try to meet the consumer’s demand, and they produce more products, and the same happens with NPP demands.

Secretive labs were found to develop NPP because of its growing popularity among the consumer due to various reasons that will be mentioned later.

As a result, because it is more accessible, it is being utilized more frequently. NPP was previously known as Durabolin. Later, they changed it to avoid confusion among consumers.

As we discussed above, previously formed Durabolin and NPP both contain the Nandrolone hormone, and if we look at the structure and formation of the Nandrolone hormone, it holds in the same form in both.

But a slight difference in ester gives separate property in the body.

It specifically discussed its half-life, how quickly it works, and how long it actively remains in the bloodstream. 

As a result, it determines how frequently you must take your dosages. 

NPP has a shorter half-life than Nandrolone Decanoate and requires more frequent injections to keep your levels consistent.

 Varied athletes and bodybuilders have different perspectives on NPP use, and we will discuss the use and benefits of NPP in the next section.

Many athletes and bodybuilders consider NPP injections the most effective and convenient type. 

Many athletes are commenting on how quickly this steroid relieves their joint discomfort. The esters are much faster acting than Decca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate). 

Another notable advantage these athletes and bodybuilders claim is that they do not retain water when utilizing NPP.

NPP is frequently sold in 100mg vials. It is also available as 50mg/ml dissolved in a carrier oil, depending on which country you are living in. You might experience difficulty in finding NPP in a pharmaceutical store. 

As a result, several underground labs produce it.

NPP Steroid Cycle use or Dosage:

1200-400mg400mgper week
2200-400mg400mgper week
3200-400mg400mgper week
4200-400mg400mgper week
5200-400mg400mgper week
6200-400mg400mgper week
7200-400mg400mgper week
8200-400mg400mgper week
9200-400mg400mgper week
10200-400mg400mgper week

As promised, we will appropriately discuss NPP use and Dosage and provide all information before you use it, we have discussed much NPP in our above section, but we do not think it would be enough to decide on NPP usage.

It would be best if you had plans in place before choosing NPP usage and dose, and it also relies on what you are seeking and why you want to utilize NPP.

Have you ever used steroids before, and what are your workout and diet plans before taking NPP?

If you are utilizing this product for medicinal purposes, males can take 100 mg once a week and see good results. If you believe it is a low amount, you will inject 200 mg once a week. You may notice a significant improvement in therapeutic benefits. 

Furthermore, improved healing and joint relief may be considered a significant benefit.

It is just basic information about the use, and when we turn to our central part of NPP therapy, we will discuss it in more detail.

The preceding paragraph discussed the use and Dosage of NPP steroids for medical purposes only; however, if you are a bodybuilder or athlete looking for impressive results in a short period, utilize 300 mg to 400 mg each week.

Many bodybuilders or athletes prefer 400 mg per week and think it provides them desirable results or results they seek.

Increasing the amount of NPP steroid to 400 mg per week means less concern about side effects and simply focusing on faster results, but it would be hard to increase the NPP amount to that limit and may experience some side effects.

If we talk about NPP, steroids are not extremely fast enough to give you the desired outcome. It takes time to show results and provide benefits to you; for that, there is a complete cycle you have to follow to see your desired results.

The recommended duration is 12 weeks, and injection of NPP steroids should be divided according to time so that we will provide a complete cycle and dose per week.

Regarding gender, there is no discrimination if gender or males can use more and females have to use less NPP steroids. However, still, there are suggestions that everyone should use it according to their body tolerance. So it is entirely up to you how much your body can tolerate and how much time you give to see desired outcomes.

NPP Steroid Before And After

Instructions for NPP Steroid Cycle use

It will be safe to look at your body capacity. It’s for both males and females because access quantity if NPP steroid may affect your body can not tolerate, and you confront negative consequences so have a look at instruction and cycle with Dosage and keep going through your body tolerance.

Nandrolone Phenylpropionate For Beginners | BodyBuilding

Advanced Cycle Dosages

It is for those who have experienced the above beginner’s cycle or think their body can tolerate more and want to go for an advanced dosage. Still, we suggest you first go for a beginner and then advance, and there is more risk of side effects when trying this advanced cycle.

This cycle can be between twelve weeks and six weeks; here, we only provide information on six weeks because it is an advanced dose and can be repeated similarly.

We have provided the above cycles of NPP steroids, and now, it’s entirely up to you to use it according to your body tolerance and result from what you want accordingly.

NPP Steroid Cycle Benefits

It might be the central part for some new bodybuilders and athletes and also for many who want to be bodybuilders or athletes and wants the best outcome in a short time.

NPP offers bodybuilders and athletes several advantages that improve performance and develop muscle. 

This substance has some notable therapeutic effects and is the most attractive feature. 

NPP also has an available steroid quality that will work for various users and targets.

We have researched about best positive benefits of NPP steroids and have listed them below under sequence with a short introduction to each benefit to make it easy for you to choose NPP steroids for your body

  • Increase Mass Building

What if you want to gain high-quality muscle gain at a faster rate? Then yes, we recommend you to go for NPP Steroids.

We can also say this benefit is most favorite of bodybuilders and athletes because many do not have time to show the best performance in shot time.

Many athletes and bodybuilders use this steroid during each bulking cycle. By using this well-known NPP steroid, you can steadily improve muscle quality. As a result, it is a feature of this compound that is greatly desired. 

  • Boost the process of recovery.

Now you must think about what ingredients are in NPP steroids, how it works for recovery, and what kind of recovery we mean here.

We discussed the above benefits and NPP Steroids Cycle overview about joint pain recovery through NPP steroids.

If you are a bodybuilder or athlete, of course, you are. You must have experienced pain or soreness after heavy weight lifting or a workout. Then for quick pain recovery, you must use NPP steroids to continue your workout without missing anything.

  • Maintain Lean Muscle

As we mentioned the above mass and muscle-building benefits of NPP steroids, what about preserving that mass and muscle built by NPP steroids? It has both properties mass building property and preserves lean muscle.

Due to its high metabolic capabilities, which sustain lean muscle gains throughout the off-season, NPP Steroid is particularly helpful in maintaining lean muscle mass.

It also functions better when used during the cutting cycle. 

Therefore, if somebody loses fat, NPP is in charge of maintaining muscle mass.

  • Strength Enhancement

Here we are talking about the strength enhancement property of NPP Steroids. Many bodybuilders and athletes have noticed that it enhances their body’s strength, but there are astonishing facts about NPP steroids: they do not contain ingredients to boost strength.

However, it contains many ingredients with various properties mentioned above; you can check those.NPP Nandrolone Phenylpropionate can also be used for cutting, general athletic reasons, and mass building or bulking.

So we can say it enhances strength because many bodybuilders and athletes have noticed this change in their body, but it is not the area of specialty of NPP Steroids.

NPP Steroid Cycle Side Effects

When writing about NPP steroids, we have researched every aspect of them and discussed their benefits, but as we know, anything that comes to us with benefits must have some side effects or adverse effects. It is not about everything. There are many exceptions too.

While some of these adverse effects are undoubtedly caused by the nature of steroid hormones, others may be more influenced by individual sensitivities.

Some people may have more severe reactions than others. Even so, it’s necessary to be aware of how you can deal with the adverse effects of NPP and ready to focus on the good things it can do for you.

NPP steroids have fewer adverse effects as compared to others. Still, you must prepare yourselves and use NPP steroids according to your body’s tolerance and read the instructions carefully and the side effects before using NPP steroids.

  • Androgenic Side Effects

If you have read the above section of this article, we have discussed that the androgenic side effects of NPP are less than those of other steroids.

But here are not saying NPP steroids are hundred percent safe. It has side effects, including acne and baldness, but only men already affected by the illness are likely to suffer it, and most men will have it as light as possible.

A deepening of the voice and unusual hair growth are red flags for female users.

  • Estrogenic Side Effects

Like the above side effect, the estrogenic side effect is milder in the case of NPP steroids. To a lesser extent than with other anabolic steroids, NPP’s aromatase-inducing properties mean it can have estrogenic effects when testosterone is converted to estrogen. 

Other symptoms include water retention and a rise in blood pressure due to the development of gynecomastia. Above mentioned side effects are controllable through aromatic inhibitors.

  • Testosterone Suppression

We do not think a bodybuilder or athlete would not be aware of this type of side effect of steroids. As with other steroids, NPP will suppress your natural testosterone production, and this effect is more pronounced when used in combination.

 NPP steroids single dose is enough to suppress testosterone production, and no one here will want to neglect this problem.

To maintain the essential bodily processes that NPP supplies, it should be combined with a testosterone component in a cycle. Post-cycle therapy is necessary to restore normal testosterone function after an NPP cycle, and we will provide a post-therapy cycle in this article to stay connected.

  • Liver Toxicity

When we talk about the adverse effects of NPP and other steroids, we will not neglect their toxicity to the liver.

NPP has milder side effects or can say no side effects who use it properly and use cycle according to their body tolerance.

You must keep in mind that every steroid, including NPP steroid, has some adverse effects on your body and the same on your liver when you use steroids in high doses or for an extended period.

When it was tested in mice, some adverse effects were found in liver enzymes and lipid formation.

Suppose we discuss male users of Nandrolone Phenylpropionate. In that case, they should care more about the side effects of it, and female users also can face side effects of Nandrolone Phenylpropionate but less compared to male users.

  • Cholesterol

Some bodybuilders and athletes must confront decreased HDL cholesterol levels in the consumer body.

But this only happens when consumers combine aromatase inhibitors with NPP and face side effects if it. People already facing cardiovascular diseases or increased cholesterol levels should worry about using NPP, but they can also balance it with a proper workout.

NPP Steroid Cycle Reviews and results

I will say this part is essential to me because I think without this part, no one is going to decide whether they use the NPP steroid.

We have discussed above the many benefits and side effects of NPP steroids. Still, this section is important because we will talk about consumers’ experience with NPP steroids and what the results were after using NPP steroids.

It has various benefits, as we have discussed, like muscle building, strength enhancement, mass preservation, and pain recovery.

If you are only using NPP steroid and think it will benefit you or you will get what you desire to gain, then you might be disappointed because it is worthless without proper diet and exercise. 

It will also depend on the measurements taken after completing your cycle to maintain your body.

Here we are providing some reviews and results of NPP steroids; read carefully. They will help you decide your future as a bodybuilder or a good athlete.

  • Reduction In Stress Hormone

So a reduction in stress hormone is essential for us to function correctly, and this property is included in the NPP steroid. Cortisol hormones make it easy to increase muscle growth. 

As a result, the risk of gaining weight decreases when one maintains these muscle gains. It would help if you improved your intense exercises to raise stress hormones. Therefore NPP helps lower stress hormones and keeps your body anabolic.

  • Increase In Nitrogen retention

As we discussed, reduction in stress hormones then, there is also the importance of balance in Nitrogen in our body and when we use NPP steroids increment of Nitrogen in our body.

If your body’s nitrogen levels decrease, you risk catabolism, which results in muscle loss; your body has to maintain a proper nitrogen balance. Muscle tissue will be destroyed if toxic Nitrogen is allowed to gather. To maximize nitrogen retention, the NPP steroid is the best choice. The steroid has a significant element because of this mechanism.

  • Rise In Red Blood Cell Count

If you are a user of NPP steroid, then you might not be surprised by this property because you work out for a long time and your muscle gain proper oxygen.

NPP’s ability to transport oxygen increases muscle strength and red blood cell count. 

Due to the increased effort, you’ll see benefits more quickly.

  • Boost in protein synthesis

When it comes to boosting protein synthesis in your body, the NPP steroid is the best option, and you can use any steroid because they work for building a muscular body. 

And muscle is made up of protein fibers, so this property is of its best.


The essential information is in the article, and we have tried our best to provide a hundred percent authentic information regarding your health. The article is written under huge consideration and after consultation of export.

In the end, we suggest you do not go for NPP steroid; it has milder side effects than others, but it has, and if you will use it, then read this article carefully and implement our advice.

NPP Steroid Cycle Faqs
Is hair loss a side effect of NPP?

NPP steroids have fewer side effects as compared to others. If men are already confronting these issues, then it is a red flag for them.

Is NPP recovering from joint pain?

This property of pain recovery is important for bodybuilders and athletes, and yes, it is beneficial.

Does NPP raise blood pressure?

Consumers can face a rise in blood pressure, and it can be severe if water retention while using NPP steroids is not controlled properly

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