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What Are The Risks of Not Hiring HR Consulting Firms to Handle Compliance?

BusinessWhat Are The Risks of Not Hiring HR Consulting Firms to Handle Compliance?

When small businesses think about issues their business might face, they often overlook HR compliance. If you cannot comply with HR rules and regulations of your country or state, then that can pose significant risks in the form of financial and reputation harm.

That is why most small businesses that can’t hire a full-time HR manager often turn towards HR consulting firms such as HR Options.

However, other small to medium companies try to juggle running their business and handling compliance only to realize they have gotten themselves in a non-compliance mess. If you are wondering about the risks of being non-compliant with HR-related regulations, this article is for you, and we suggest you keep reading.

Risks small businesses without HR department face by not hiring HR consulting services

Small businesses have the option to hire HR consulting firms as a low-cost way to fulfill their compliance needs. However, if a small business that doesn’t have a dedicated HR department or help from an HR consultant fails to comply with HR rules and regulations, they may face the following risks:

Loss of reputation: In the business world, reputation is everything, and the last thing you would want is to become non-compliant and end up all over social media about it. In the age of social media, news spreads like wildfire, and being unable to comply with state or federal laws can ruin your company’s reputation and it can have a negative impact on your business.

However, losing your reputation with potential customers is not the only consequence of becoming non-compliant.

Other companies that you might have to partner with or rely on for raw material may also avoid working with you since it can impact their own reputation. So, in short, hiring HR consulting services from a reputed HR firm can help you maintain a good reputation in the industry and avoid the negative press.

Fines and imprisonment: The most obvious consequence of not complying with HR rules and regulations are fines and, in some cases, imprisonment by courts. Fines can reach from a few hundred to thousands of dollars depending upon the extent of non-compliance, and usually, safety-related non-compliance can have significant penalties.

Apart from fines, the inability to comply with HR rules and regulations has landed CEOs in jail in the past.

Loss of current staff or inability to find quality recruits: let’s face it, if a company is non-compliant with HR regulations would you apply for a job in such a company? Probably not, and most talented and skilled individuals would also avoid joining your company, making it difficult for you to find quality recruits.

At the same time, your current employees would also be keen to leave your company if you end up being non-compliant. Since human-resource-related rules and regulations are meant to protect the employees, if your company is non-compliant, your employees would not feel safe in your company.

Therefore keeping a record of proper HR compliance is a great way to build confidence with your current employees while attracting quality recruits.

Downtime: When companies are non-compliant, they might have to stop production or operations until they clear any compliance issues.

This downtime can result in financial implications and result in a complete loss of business as customers can quickly move towards the alternatives while your business is down.

Running a small business can be stressful as far as HR compliance is concerned. However, the stress can be taken off your mind by hiring HR consulting firms. So, if you are a small business worried about compliance, then it might be a good idea to look up HR services near me.

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