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Should Businesses Keep Copywriting In-house Or Outsourced?

BusinessShould Businesses Keep Copywriting In-house Or Outsourced?

Copywriting is an integral part of any business marketing strategy. Large corporate businesses are likely to have several in-house copywriters as part of their marketing team. 

But when it comes to smaller companies, is it better to employ a copywriter as part of the business or hire a freelancer as and when copy is needed?

There’s no right or wrong answer as no two companies are the same. It depends on the individual circumstances. So the sensible option is for a business to carry out an internal review before deciding whether to outsource or not. 

The Advantages Of Keeping Copywriting In-house

Having an in-house copywriter offers up several advantages. 

It’s More Cost-Effective.

Freelance copywriters charge pretty high prices. Often they work by the hour (even if they charge by project, it’s likely to be worked out at an hourly rate). And generally, it’s a higher rate than an in-house copywriter would cost per hour. 

There’s More Brand Awareness

Although freelance copywriters will send a brief and spend a lot of time getting to know the brand, they’ll still never be as knowledgeable as an in-house copywriter. That’s because in-house copywriters work exclusively with one brand. Freelancers work with many brands. 

When keeping copy in-house, content is guaranteed to be relevant and always written in the same brand voice. 

It’s Easier To Track Progress

An in-house copywriter works with the business team daily and often in the same building. By communicating regularly with the marketing team, copy and content are consistent across the brand. In addition, in-house copywriters get to see the bigger picture, which is a bonus when writing copy

And businesses can track the work of an in-house copywriter, meaning progress is monitored, and deadlines met. 

Training And Development Is Specific To The Business Needs

A business can train an in-house copywriter in the specific skills needed for the job. Whether it’s SEO or content strategy, the company knows it’s getting copy and content that suits its needs by choosing the proper training. 

Keep in mind, of course, that not all training for your in-house copywriting needs to remain in house. Enrolling your copywriter in an online copywriting course can help them refine their skills.

But It’s Not All Rosy With An In-House Copywriter

There are some negatives that come from keeping copy in-house. Although the business may save freelance fees, they still have to cough up for sick pay, holiday time, and tax. 

And going through the application and interview process takes up valuable marketing time. 

And sometimes…your in-house copywriter has a marketing background and not necessarily a copywriting background.

Why Outsourcing Copy Makes Sense For Some Businesses

Outsourcing to a freelance copywriter is the most sensible option for smaller companies and even some larger ones. 

It Saves Time 

Running a business is a major time commitment. And for sole traders and small business teams, it’s challenging to find time to write copy. And even if there is time, writing copy requires a certain level of knowledge and skill. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to write copy when words aren’t your thing. 

By outsourcing to a copywriting agency, business owners get to spend their time doing what they do best—focusing on the day-to-day running of the business. 

It Provides An Outsider Perspective

Business owners (and often employees associated with the business) are too close to the product to see it through the customer’s eyes. It’s easy to be blinkered when championing a product or service daily. 

Hiring a freelance copywriter brings in an outside perspective. They won’t have in-depth knowledge of the product, which means they’re more likely to view it as a customer would. And this perspective creates customer-focused, engaging copy that captures attention. 

Professional Expertise And Knowledge

A professional freelance copywriter is skilled at what they do. They’ve taken training courses, and they regularly communicate with other copywriters. Occasionally, they ask other writers for their opinion in copy, meaning that when you hire one freelancer, you probably get the knowledge of several. 

Most freelance copywriters will have written for many businesses. With all the knowledge of sales psychology and copy tactics and techniques, outsourced copy is compelling copy. 

It Saves Money

Freelance copywriters don’t come cheap. But neither does hiring a full-time employee. Dig a little deeper, and it’s soon clear that outsourcing makes sense economically.

Think about it. No extra expenses on top of the copywriter’s fee. No holiday pay, sick pay, travel expenses, health insurance, or tax. 

And if you don’t get on with the copywriter, there’s no hassle associated with written warnings and dismissals. 

Maybe Size Does Matter? 

Generally, the bigger the business, the more likely it is to keep copy in-house. With larger marketing teams and a more comprehensive range of products and services, it makes sense. Having a team of in-house copywriters works better in these scenarios. 

However, for smaller businesses, hiring a freelance copywriter frees up time. Of course, it’s more costly than business owners writing their copy themselves. But hire a decent copywriter, and the increased revenue their words bring in will cancel out their fees.

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