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How to Know if You Should File a Lawsuit When Someone’s Dog Bites You

LawHow to Know if You Should File a Lawsuit When Someone’s Dog Bites You

Life throws unexpected things at us all the time. Often, these things can result in injuries. Of course, there are certain steps that you can take to be safer – such as wearing a seatbelt when in a car or having a self-defense weapon – but no one can prepare for everything.

For example, you may be taking your daily stroll and end up being bitten by a dog. It may sound far-fetched, but it happens more often than you think. In fact, a dog bite can be such a serious event that you can file a lawsuit against the dog owner. But should you? If you’re wondering whether you should file a lawsuit when someone’s dog bites you, we’re here to help.

Do you have the owner’s contact details?

Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to file a lawsuit against someone when you don’t know who they are or how to reach them. And since you can’t exactly sue a dog, you might not be able to file a lawsuit if you’re bitten by a stray dog without an owner. 

If you’re in doubt, however, you should rather contact a professional. They will be able to answer any questions you may have, such as “Will I be able to file a lawsuit?” and “What is lawful presence?” so that you know exactly where you stand.

How severe are your injuries?

Of course, if you are bitten by a dog, you can file a lawsuit no matter how severe your injuries are, but many people decide it’s not worth the trouble if they weren’t seriously injured. 

That being said, even if your injuries aren’t severe and you can patch yourself up with some basic first aid, you should still see a medical professional to ensure that your wounds don’t get infected. 

How expensive are your medical costs?

Unfortunately, some people may have no choice but to file a lawsuit. If your medical costs are through the roof and you can’t pay them, you may require some form of compensation from the dog’s owner.

You may need to cover things like a hospital stay, an operation, and other expenses such as crutches. If you have insurance, they may cover some of these expenses, but if not, you will need another way of paying your medical bills, even if it does come down to you having to file a lawsuit.  

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How do you feel about it?

While all of the abovementioned things will play a role in whether or not you should file a lawsuit when you’re bitten by a dog, it ultimately comes down to how you feel about the situation. 

Some people will feel that filing a lawsuit is the right thing to do because justice needs to be served and they don’t want someone else to get hurt, whereas others may feel it’s not fair to sue an owner for their animal’s reactions. 

You’ll need to make the decision that feels right for you. For more tips on making a tough decision, click here

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