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Spotlight on the Replacement Number Plate

AutoSpotlight on the Replacement Number Plate

Complimenting a new car with a unique number plate is preferred by the most. In fact, it is one of the best gifts that you can give your car and yourself. Many people attach fancy private number plates to motorcycles and caravans. Whenever you are in search of replacement number plates, you can check the top-notch number plate dealers as they sell 3D and 4D number plates designed according to the customer’s satisfaction. You won’t face any problem as these plates are 100% legal and can be used on road. Different shapes and sizes are available. You can choose according to your choices.

Conditions that make it mandatory for you to seek a replacement plate:

  • Your private number plate has got damaged.
  • Your number plate has become defaced.
  • The number plate is stolen or lost

Do these following things:

  • You can apply to remake your private number plate.
  • You can apply for a brand new general issue plate.

Note: If you are not the vehicle’s owner, you have to present an authorization letter. The fee will vary in respect to your requirements.

You can get your replacement number plate online:

Good news for you! You don’t have to go outside and buy your replacement number plate amidst this Covid 19 chaos. You can get private number plates, replacement plates, etc. online from the registered suppliers. They are committed to delivering clean and standard replacement plates. There is no question of unreadable or damaged plates.

Note: You may have to pay a fine upto thousand euros if the number plate doesn’t meet the standard.

The reputed private number plate suppliers upgrade their models and designs keeping the government’s new regulations in mind. Hence, if you order your number plate from them, you get coverage for many years.

Various situations provide warranty of availing a replacement number plate. You have to take a replacement number plate if you have approached DVLA recently for buying a private registration mark. DVLA sells registrations but does not deliver registration plates. But the private suppliers provide the bespoke replacement license plates adding custom designs and great finishing.

Documents required to obtain a replacement number plate:

You have to prove that you are eligible and entitled to use the particular registration.

You have to use:

  • Certificate of retention
  • Certificate of entitlement
  • Logbook or V5C registration document
  • Photographic identification like drivers’ license, address proof, passport, etc.
  • Bank statement or utility bill

In case, the number plate is damaged structurally, or has become blurred and can’t be read, you have to provide supporting documents along with proof of entitlement, your identity, address, etc.

Note:The DVLA has imposed legal guidelines. Without correct documents, no replacement number plate can be issued.

About eV948:

The DVLA, as of March 2015, has given permission to put the personalized registration plate number on retention online. You will get instant confirmation about the number plate’s retention status, and the replacement registration number you are going to get. The electronic version of V948 is eV948. You have to download this certificate and submit it with the needed paperwork.

Explore more about Cherished Number Plates :

Are the price of replacement plates competitive?

The authorized suppliers offer the best quality license plates at a very competitive and pocket-friendly price. You have to check out the collection online and choose your favorite number plate according to your budget. Also, choose the text styles and plate types. You can add extra features like borders, designs, etc.

You are the decision maker of your private number plate:

Different types of replacement plates are available matching the type of vehicles like sports cars, SUVs, motorbike, trucks, etc. You can go for a big, square, contoured, etc. plates. Again, if you have any design or idea lingering in your mind, you can discuss it with the plate supplier and get it done. Most of the private number plate suppliers take a maximum of 48 hours to deliver modified replacement number plates. The industry of private number plate is evolving day today. The reputed number plate suppliers keep updating their equipment for meeting the sophistication of the market. The latest type is the 4D number plates. You can take the help of the customer care experts to have a consultation regarding your replacement plates.

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