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Suunto Watches Review & Guide: Your Adventure Partner

ReviewSuunto Watches Review & Guide: Your Adventure Partner

People who love exploring the different treasures this world can offer, such as underwater, into the mountains, or into the vast jungle, should always have a partnered accessory to help them keep track of time and date. One of the best brands when it comes to adventure is the Suunto

The Suunto watches are one of the most loved brands for adventures because of their high technology, quality, and precision instruments. Investing your money into this type of watch is worth it, especially if you are into innovative smartwatches. Here are some new models you might want to invest in having with their features.

Suunto 7 – SS050380000 

This model is one of the finest watches that Suunto 7 released in the present year that are best for men. The timepiece has an elegant design that would go perfectly on any occasion and in any type of land adventure or sports. In addition, this smartwatch has a digital dial where you can keep track of the map, time, date, and distance that you’ve run. 

The watch has different health features to keep you track of your health during your practice or adventure. This timepiece has an oversized 50 mm diameter round case made with polyamide. 

The digital dial of the case is protected with fiberglass material making it durable and scratch proof. In addition, this timepiece has white silicone straps to give the watch a more elegant look.

Suunto 7 – SS050378000

The Suunto model SS050378000 is one of the new models released by Suunto watches under the Suunto 7 series. This timepiece is a perfect fit for both male and female athletes and explorers. It has a black digital dial displaying its time, date, heart rate, and km. This watch is wearable with any casual attire. 

The watch has a black round case in 50 mm diameter made from polyamide material. Its dial is protected with fiberglass making it scratch proof and durable. The straps of it are made from the finest rubber in black color. In addition, the watch has a Quartz type of mechanical technology, and it has a water-resistant feature of 50 meters.

Suunto 7 – SS050382000

This timepiece is another favorite from the Suunto 7 series made for both male and female explorers and athletes. The watch has a combination of black and rose gold making it look elegant with any casual attire. 

You can wear this watch both with your athlete and everyday look. It has a black digital dial that displays the watch’s battery life, heart rate, distance in km, date, time, and weather. Around the dial, there is a rose gold pattern to add some elegance to its design. The 50 mm round case is made of polyamide material, and it is protected with fiberglass crystal.

The movement type of this Suunto 7 watch is Quartz, and it has a water-resistant feature. In addition, it has a black silicone band and a rose gold buckle to complete the watch’s look. 

Suunto 7 – SS050379000

This Suunto 7 watch is another smartwatch to love from this collection. It has an overall black body which makes it a perfect accessory for both men and women. You can wear this timepiece with a different type of casual attire, and it will always look good. 

It has a digital black dial that displays different apps such as Spotify, Weather, Agenda, Play store, time, distance in km, Google map, heart rate, and more. Around this timepiece’s dial is a silver high-quality titanium bezel and on top of its dial is a gorilla glass. This type of glass is known to be unbreakable and scratch proof. 

The case of this timepiece is oversized at around 50 mm to give you a clear view of the dial. The straps of it are made from silicone material to make it comfortable to wear while doing your outdoor activities and sports. It has a Quartz type movement with an original Suunto caliber, and the watch is made to be waterproof. 


If you are a watch collector and you love keeping your lifestyle healthy by going for a run or going on adventures, it is always best to invest in a high-quality smartwatch. This type of investment is worth it because it can always accompany you. 

Suunto watches are one of the best partners for adventures and come in different collections. Each collection differs from its purpose, and all of them have a modern design that fits the modern world. Visit WatchShopping to know more about the watch industry. 

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