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Taking Care of Your Back While Working From Home

HealthTaking Care of Your Back While Working From Home

If you have been working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, chances are, you are not taking the best care of your back. Unfortunately, before the pandemic, many homes were not well equipped for eight hours of work five days a week – especially desk jobs due to the lack of big monitor screens, ergonomic desk setups and comfortable work chairs.

In fact, incorrect postures and unhealthy setups while working from home may have even resulted in you developing back pain and similar health concerns. If you are one of the many individuals currently working from home and experiencing back pain, below are a few tips which might help you take better care of your back.

Never stay stationary for too long

A big factor which contributes to back problems while working from home is staying stationary or in one position for too long periods of time. When concentrating on work, it may be easy to forget about moving around or stretching and to sit for several hours at a time. This is not doing your back any favours as it means your back is withstanding the pressure of you sitting (even more so if you sit with poor posture) for too long periods of time.

Health care experts such as those at the World Health Organisation advise adults to limit their time spent sedentary. This means moving around every hour or so to prevent stiffness and allow your body to recuperate after being in one position for a decent period of time. Switching between standing and sitting, taking brief walks, and stretching during your short hously breaks may help you take better care of your back while working from home.

Invest in an ergonomic workstation

An ergonomic workstation is also key to protecting your back from unnecessary stress and helping you maintain correct posture while working in front of a screen. Some parts of an ergonomic set up to take better care of your back include:

  • A monitor which is eye-level and an arm’s length away from you
  • A standing desk which can be adjusted so that you can stand comfortably while working at a computer
  • An ergonomic chair which supports your back and feet at right angles

Although not all of these products are necessary for an ergonomic workstation at home, they will certainly help you to protect your back from unnecessary stresses such as poor posture.

Seek health care if necessary

It is also important to not shy away from regular health care if you feel that your back pain or concerns require professional attention. Visiting health practitioners such as physiotherapists, exercise therapists, chiropractors and even yoga instructors may help you take better care of your back. Most health care professionals will be able to recommend stretches and exercises to do while working from home so that you can maintain a healthy back. Don’t hesitate to visit your local health care clinic for more information on what treatments are available to you. 

Taking care of your back while working from home is extremely important for your overall wellness, especially if you are not used to working from home. Keep the above tips in mind if you are looking to take better care of your back while working from home.

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