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The 3 Most Common Ways To Get Started Vaping

OpinionsThe 3 Most Common Ways To Get Started Vaping

There are many reasons that people decide to start vaping. They could be looking for a way to quit smoking, or trying to not start smoking in the first place. Or, they are just getting into marijuana or CBD where it’s legal, and want an easy way to do so. Whatever the reason to start, it can be intimidating to figure out the best way to go about it.

For a long time, vaping was mainly for hobbyists who built their own rigs to vape juices. These days there are a number of kits that will help you vape. With so many options it can be overwhelming. In this article, we will go over several popular ways to vape so you can decide for yourself which is best for you.

1 – Nicotine vapes

The most popular way to vape these days is to vape juices like Esco Bar to get a dose of nicotine. Usually, people will choose a tasty juice that is infused with nicotine so they don’t have to smoke a cigarette to get it. Although vaping juice carries some amount of health risks, it is much safer than smoking cigarettes. There are literally thousands of varieties to choose from ranging from sweet to savory and everything in between.

The way to vape also has some options. There are a lot of different forms that a vape can take. For instance, there are the ones that look identical to cigarettes that have a small cartridge with some juice in it that will vaporize. These are sometimes called cig-alikes. They are around the same width as a cigarette and fit in the hand in a similar way.

There are also box mods that are small devices that pack a lot of amp power to vaporize juice that is wicked to a coil. These were the first types of vape devices that people started using and remain very popular today. These ones require a bit more knowledge or a learning curve to use since you have to drip some of the juice onto the wick.

You also get more options for juices and nicotine levels that you don’t get from vape pens or cig-alikes. With those, you are locked into proprietary cartridges that only work with that type so there is less choice.

If you are an absolute beginner then using a vape pen is likely to be your best bet since they work straight out of the box. The box mods are more complex but once you learn how to use one you will enjoy the freedom they offer.

2 – CBD vape

The people that are looking to use cannabidiol and marijuana choose to vape for how easy it is and for the taste. Smoking marijuana can be very harsh and cannabidiol is generally in the form of edibles that don’t give you as much bioavailability as vaping does. There are some of the same types of juice options or flavors that you get when vaping nicotine.

However, there are some other ways to vape marijuana and cannabidiol that are not available when vaping nicotine. For instance, there are pens that will help you vape concentrates that are infused with cannabidiol or THC. These concentrates are generally called dabs. They are sticky substances that you can use a needle to pick up and put on the coil of a vaporizer to create the vapor to inhale.

There are vape pens or cig-alikes that do this but there are a number of other devices that work as well. The most popular ones to use are either desktops or box mods. The amps needed to produce the vapor can best be done with these types of set ups. The dabs require some power that the vape pens are not able to produce.

3 – Dry herb vaporizers

There are traditionalists that still want to taste the marijuana that they are partaking in. Those people love to use dry herb vaporizers. It is similar to smoking weed but in a much more refined and tasty way.

They use box mods and vape pens to burn the weed at a very high temperature that doesn’t exactly burn it. This allows all the nuances and subtle flavors of the herb used to shine through. In fact, you can’t get these flavors from smoking them. These will need to be vaped at home, however, since they do produce some vapor that can be smelled in the area where you plan to do it and could offend some people or even be illegal to do in public.

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