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The Beginner’s Guide to Picking a Great WordPress Hosting Company

TechnologyThe Beginner's Guide to Picking a Great WordPress Hosting Company

There are many website hosting platforms that people can choose from. Some are on sale while others like WordPress have free versions and premium versions that people can choose from.  When you have decided to use WordPress, whether the premium version or the free version, there are several factors that you need to consider in choosing a hosting company. You will be happy to note and appreciate that there’s a variety of services that offer WP hosting that you can choose from.

A website hosting company offers Internet hosting services for client websites. This means that such a company has servers that store information or data for the websites. A website is hosted by a company so that it has the facilities that make it accessible to the World Wide Web. These companies are also known as web hosts. Web hosting companies accept websites built on different platforms such as WordPress.

WordPress Hosting Service Providers in 2022

Many companies will offer WordPress hosting services in 2022. These are companies such as Hostinger, which boasts to offer cheap hosting plans. There is also Bluehost, a well-known web hosting company. This is common with e-commerce stores and small businesses. Another well-known hosting company is SiteGround. This company prides itself as the best for managed WordPress hosting.

HostGator is yet another well-known WordPress hosting company. It is known to offer hosting services for personal websites and for bloggers. Others are DreamHost, inMotion, and A2 Hosting, which is known for hosting multi websites.

Factors to consider in choosing a great WordPress hosting company

Now that we have talked about WordPress hosting companies, what should one consider when choosing the best? What is it that such companies offer that others do not? These are pertinent issues one needs to have in mind as one chooses a web hosting company.

Here are guidelines to choose a WordPress hosting company:

1.    Consider the type of WordPress hosting provided

Web hosting providers offer several types of WordPress hosting you can chose the best WordPress hosting according to your preferences each with its advantages and disadvantages. Some offer dedicated hosting, virtual private servers, and shared hosting. Others will offer you cloud servers and as such you need to understand all these types of WordPress hosting services and how they will affect your website. You will be interested to know that shared and cloud hosting is much more affordable than the rest. A Virtual Private service will be more expensive. Dedicated hosting means you will pay the most when compared to all the above hosting types.

2.    Consider your budget

This one goes without saying. You need to be sure of the cost of hosting that you choose. Remember that web hosting costs depend on the above factors as well as the bandwidth and storage needs of your website, among other factors. How much money are you willing to spend on your web hosting? What do you require your site for? Will the website bring in any income over its lifetime? You also need to know that there are other costs associated with your website. These are items such as plugins, content creation for the website, subscription fees in case one has an e-commerce site, domain registration, and so on. Consider all these factors before you choose your WordPress web host.

3.    Consider customer support

Consider the kind of customer response and support that the company offers. If the company offers solid support and willingness to sort out your issues fast, then that is a good web host to consider. You may want to get in touch with the customer care department before you purchase the service from them. How quick and helpful are they in their responses? How does the company handle support requests? Does the company offer email or phone responses? Is it timely? Does the company have chatbots or a ticketing system? All these are pointers to a customer service that is appropriate for you.

4.    What important features do you need to know?

There are many features that hosting platforms come with. These are features you may or may not need. Make a list of what features you need and those that you do not need. This checklist will help you choose a suitable web host. You may want to consider issues such as the bandwidth, the storage space available, the number of sites the host has, the organization of the hosting such as the control panel, and so on. Are there backups for the hosting and do you need to pay for it? What security features does the host offer; such as SSL? Can the host handle the migration of your site if need be? All these are pertinent features you may want to consider as you choose a suitable WordPress host company.

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