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The Definitive Guide To Using Background Check Services

BusinessThe Definitive Guide To Using Background Check Services

Before hiring a new employee from any given group of candidates, you may need to check their background to ascertain the type of person that they are.  Cases of false certifications are on the rise.  Also, instances where people use stolen identities have become rampant and so you need to be hawk-eyed when hiring.  Therefore, it’s prudent that you get help from background check providers when seeking more details about the person.

But before anyone performs the background check for you, it is necessary that you get the full name of the candidate, the date of birth, social security number, and permission to access their school transcript, credit reports, or military records. 

According to background checks unveil information regarding a person’s address history, criminal record, credential verification, and employment history.  Also, the check may provide information on driving checks, credit checks, and more.  It helps to verify confidential information and confirm that your candidate is honest.  The check may also help to verify the achievements and qualifications.

Typically, employers check the background to reduce risks of negligent hiring.  Further, the checks reduce instances of hiring someone who may become a liability or pose a threat at the workplace.  It eliminates resume fraud and allows the most qualified candidate to serve.

How Do You Choose The Best Background Check Service?

Before choosing a background check service provider, you must determine if you need the background check service in the first place.  Select the checks you require if you intend to use the service to hire an employee.  For instance, a sex offender and criminal records check are necessary if you are hiring for an institution.  If the employee is dealing with confidential information, felony records may need to be checked.  You may also need to check driving records if you plan to hire a driver.

Learn The Options Available

Background checks services vary depending on your needs.  Some offer full background service and DIY websites. 

The Full-Service Companies

The companies conduct inspections on several backgrounds, including felonies and criminal activities.  They may also check any other details they may deem necessary.  Utilizing this service provides a more detailed and thorough report since it delves more into investigations and not mere online searches.

DIY Website

You may also do a background check on a DIY website cheaply.  The websites allow you to search for a person’s details.  However, it does not guarantee accurate information.  But the information gathered may not be FCRA compliant.  Sites such as could be a good source of reliable information.  Unfortunately, they may not provide comprehensive information, and you may need to deal with the risks of collecting such data.  Also, the data you order may be fragmented.

Choosing a Background Check Provider to Work With

Although many companies provide background details, not all will be useful to you.  Some are scams and may expose you to plenty of risks.  Here are things you may need to do.

The Screening Process

The background check company should take you through the screening journey while mitigating lawsuit risks.  Also, it should have connections to help it fetch records from county court houses.  Besides, they should be familiar with the industry’s common scams and possible crimes.

Fair Credit Reporting Act Compliance

Any data you obtain for screening purposes must be FCRA compliant.  This is important since it ensures that the background information companies provide updated and accurate data.

The risk you face when digging for people’s backgrounds is the possibility of litigation.  So working with a firm that is FCRA compliant could be helpful.  If you carry out the checks from websites, ensure to seek permission from the candidate.


Working with companies accredited to professional background screening associations or better business bureaus has many advantages.  They are efficient, you get reliable details and face no risks.

Final Thought

Using background check services is the quickest way to check a potential employee’s background.  Thus, working with FCRA-compliant background check companies allows you to get the necessary information while minimizing exposure to risks.

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