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The Elements Of Good Payroll Management

BusinessThe Elements Of Good Payroll Management

Payroll management is an essential task completed by the Human Resources and Accounting departments of a company. Managing payments and records and solving issues with both constitute a large part of the payroll management workload. Here are the five elements that need to be mastered in order to adequately deal with payroll management. 

Comprehensive Records

Record-keeping in payroll management has to be absolutely comprehensive. The financial stability of a company and the retainment of staff depend on a company’s ability to call up information about payroll whenever needed.

Data Security

Extremely sensitive employee information is collated in order to effectively run a payroll system. Bank details, addresses, pay grades, and bonuses are all comprehensively recorded. With this in mind, data security has to be of paramount importance. Leaks of employee data quite regularly spring from under the noses of HR staff caught out by clever hackers. All data needs to be encrypted and stored behind several layers of authentication. 


The Human Resources and Accounting departments that handle payroll within a company tend to be better utilized sorting out complex human-facing tasks. Payroll calculation is time-consuming and can swallow up some extremely talented people for longer than is ideal. Automated payroll management systems complete a great deal of the simpler calculative tasks with minimal human interference. Many companies use payroll management software to take the pressure away from staff that could be used elsewhere. 

Deductions And Bonuses

Making sure that employees are paid is not always easy. Complex calculations of bonuses owed, deductions required for tax purposes, and other deductions and additions have to be made efficiently. The key to getting this right usually lies in company culture: if employees and executives are incentivized to contribute toward accurate records, then the payment of unusual quantities should not be much harder than the payment of standard wages. 

Companies also need to work out the percentage-based dedication from each paycheck that goes toward pensions. They also need to make it clear to employees how they might opt out of a company pension and what advantages and disadvantages this might have. Pension law is relatively complex in the United States. A great many companies provide their employees with an opt-in 401K pension pot.

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Accuracy is perhaps the most important feature of a good payroll system. Without accurate payment, employees are unlikely to stick around. The business world is currently going through a ‘great resignation.’ Employees waking up to the general unfairness of their contracts with workplaces or sick of inaccurate pay are resigning from their places of work in huge numbers. HR departments are responsible for the retainment of good staff, minimizing the expensive and time-consuming process of hiring. 

Without accurate payroll management, there is no guarantee that staff will be able to be retained. Overpayment can also lead to difficulties. Overpaid employees may be reluctant to hand back money, and the financial stability of a company can be shattered with a poorly placed decimal point. 

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