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Tips to Create a Stylish Selfie Video

Top StoriesTips to Create a Stylish Selfie Video

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An online video editor has emerged as one of the easiest ways to create high-quality videos. In fact, if you click here, you’ll discover the secret of creating a stylish selfie video. In this post, we’ll go over some amazing ways you can do just that.

Use an Online Video Editor

Now with so many camera apps available, creating a stylish selfie video has never been easier. 

But if you want your creation to look more professional, it’s best to make use of an online video editor. It is a quick and easy solution to create stylish videos in no time at all.

Promo Editor provides ready-made templates for you to choose from. All you need to do is upload your clips or photos, then add other elements like music, filters, text, stickers, animated graphics, and icons. 

Everything is done online so you don’t need any additional software or apps. And it’s super easy to use, even if you don’t have any prior editing skills.

Lighting Matters

Whether you’re filming yourself or another person, make sure your lighting is on point. Lighting can make all of your video content look professional, amateurish, or somewhere in between.

The basics of shooting videos include having good audio and choosing an angle that puts your best foot forward. Choose a spot in your house or office where you can see all four corners of an area that’s well lit. 

If you’re filming another person, stay close but don’t crowd their space; otherwise, they might feel like they can’t move around naturally.

Choose a Catchy Soundtrack

Catchy background music is essential for stylish, shareable content. An upbeat song from your personal collection can help you to showcase yourself with confidence. 

Any editing tool, even a free online video editor, allows inserting audio seamlessly. So you don’t have to worry about owning expensive software to do this task.

However, if you want to share your videos on social media, be careful when choosing music to avoid any legal or financial trouble. Songs with royalty-free or creative commons permissions (usually found under copyright status) are free to use. 

And if you want to make things easier when looking for a catchy tune that won’t cost you a penny, then Promo Editor is here to help. This online video editor offers an extensive library of royalty-free songs, with no additional fees. 

So now all you need to do is choose one that matches your tone and style, and your stylish video is ready in no time.

Consider Adding Text

It’s sometimes necessary to add text and stickers to vertical selfie videos in order to make them more appealing, expressive, and even informative. This will help you lead viewers to take action after they finish watching your video, increasing conversion rates. 

You should consider adding an intro title slide. This way you’ll have total control over when it starts playing. Intros and outros are also helpful if you want to add branding in there. 

Record Your Voice Over

If your video lacks narration or voiceover, you might want to consider adding some.

When shooting a video, don’t feel like you have to include every single shot in your final edit. Instead, grab your best shots from each scene and cut them together into a cohesive narrative. 

Also, try recording your voiceover as you’re shooting, but don’t worry if you miss some of it. It’s easy enough to edit any little mistakes out of your video once you’ve got all your footage together. 

Then, try adding background music and sound effects with an online video editor and follow up with high-quality text for subtitles, if needed. To ensure it all fits together seamlessly, editing is key.

Just know what you’re doing, and in just minutes you can create a stylish selfie video that looks as if it took hours of work.

Edit Your Timeline All-together

Creating an original, highly polished video is no small feat. That’s why most brands, like Colgate or L’Oreal, hire professional editors to cut together their videos. 

Luckily for you , many free online video editing tools allow you to create movies with effects and transitions at your disposal. 

An online video editor uses these same kinds of tools so you can achieve comparable results easily – all on your own schedule.

Add Online Graphics

People are more likely to engage with content that has interesting or funny visuals. So use memes and gifs from free image libraries, or even fun pictures of yourself. People will connect with you more if they can see your human side. 

There are some things that you need to pay attention to when including graphics in your selfie videos, though. If your videos have text, then they should look great with images that support what you’re saying.

Also, when using pictures or videos of other people, make sure they understand how their images are being used and give them credit where appropriate.

Publish to Facebook, Twitter & YouTube

An online video editor allows you to publish your video directly to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 

When sharing your selfie videos on your feeds, you can even tag your friends or people in your video so that they won’t miss it.

Final Word

Videos are one type of content that can easily capture people’s attention. And if you follow these tips, you’re sure to turn some heads on social media with your trendy selfie video.

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