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Top 5 Hill Stations In India You Much Travel As A Foreigner

TravelTop 5 Hill Stations In India You Much Travel As A Foreigner

India is where we have the most important mountains, remarkable urban networks, and old age stone signs eye catching natural sceneries and much more that has huge fascination for travel lovers to explore. There will be a large number of travelers who will visit India from all over the world to explore these most beautiful places and fulfill their travelling fascinations. There is also a large number of locals as well who turn to hill stations to enjoy their memorable moments with the friends and family. People have to go to the hill stations to appreciate nature and get in touch with the amazing world around them. However, Manali is considered as the heaven on earth and this is a big reason why Manali Tour Packages are always in high in demand.

However, hill stations are doing a lot of business these days and we will not find peace in crowded areas as there will be lot of people already have their rooms booked. Right now we are going to share with you about the top five offbeat hill stations in India aimed at making your short break easy to use and more memorable so, you can have a glimpse of nature.


Askot is exceptional compared to other off-hill stations in India. You can find this amazing and wonderful place in the eastern district of the state of Uttarakhand. This mountain station is so charming that you never have to leave it during your visit. You can fully enjoy the outdoors as very few people will meet at this hill station. You first had to go to Dehradun to see this unique mountain station. From Dehradun, you have travel to Pathoragarh, which is 52 km from Askot. You can book a room for your stay. This hill station will provide you everything, you want to make your holidays most comfortable and memorable.


Haflong Living is an ideal destination for those looking for the best offbeat hill station in Northeast India. As it is the central mountain station of Assam, it is very beautiful and worth seeing. There offer some of the most eye catching views of nature. There are lakes to see and then a standard trail for the best trekking experience. To get an eye-catching and beautiful single hill station in Assam, you need to take a train or travel from Guwahati to Haflong. It is very unusual compared to other hill stations in India but the affordable price and service is matchless.


If you need to visit the best offbeat hill station in India right now, add Kemmangundi to your list. Like India, Kemmangundi is the best offbeat hill station in Karnataka. We find this place in Kemmangundi Guru, 273 km from Bangalore. At this point you can encounter notable waterfalls and Mountain Rivers. It is about 53 km from Chikmagalur to Kemmangundi. Everyone has to visit this hill station whenever you get a chance to get bored of your busy life and need a little break. In Kemmangundi you can spend the night at the Horticulture Department’s guest house and also discover some huts at this place. This is the ideal destination for a dear experience.


If you search the internet, Nelliyampathy will be among the top ten places in South India. It is the perfect mountain station for any Indian or out socket to relax your mind and achieve harmony. It is 102 km from Coimbatore. The place is famous for its tea and espresso properties, organic plantings and cardamom fields. We can check out the delightful waterfalls at this hill station as it is an unusual place. Not everyone recognizes this mountain station. We can’t stay at this hill station right now, and only morning trips will be worth your time. This is the most important damage to the hill station in Neelimpathy.


Yuksom is a boss among the rest of the people who have to adapt these busy urban areas to the beautiful nature. It was orchestrated in Sikkim and was completed in 1642. We can see the remarkable Kanchenjunga Mountain. Such unique miracles are currently hidden. This place will be one of the best offbeat hill stations in India. It is also a great destination for experienced loved ones. To get to Yuksom, you should contact Peking, which is 124 kilometers from Yuksom, and from Peking, you should experience the road. There are so many types it’s hard to say. Never miss this place. This is the best mountain station with few people. You will appreciate this place.

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