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Top Reasons for outsourcing to B2B telemarketing companies

BusinessTop Reasons for outsourcing to B2B telemarketing companies

Using telemarketing as a lead generation tool can be very effective. The human conversation is a key driving force behind an effective sales process, particularly in B2B.

B2B telemarketing requires specialised skills, many companies have internal telemarketers to carry out lead generation. 

However, for those that don’t, it makes sense to hire a specialist telemarketing company to do it for you.

B2B telemarketing services offer:

  • a results-driven approach, 
  • industry expertise, 
  • effective account management, 
  • thorough planning, and 
  • consistency in delivering brand values

These are all key factors that will positively impact ROI.

More Than Words Marketing is a specialist telemarketing agency, working with businesses who sell to B2B, schools and public sectors. 

Let’s examine the benefits of outsourcing B2B telemarketing, and why it might be right for you.


  • Cold calling isn’t just about starting up a conversation. 
  • An experienced telemarketer has the necessary knowledge, experience and patience to generate high-quality calls.
  • The right telemarketer knows how to bypass gatekeepers and build rapport with decision makers, but not everyone at your company does.
  • Experienced managers from an outsourced telemarketing company can also provide valuable insights for your campaign.
  • A proactive approach to account management

There are many different uses for telemarketing, including:

  • lead generation, 
  • appointment setting, 
  • sales, 
  • introductions, and 
  • event invitations

Telemarketers can also conduct pre- and post-sales telephone research.

A talented account manager with extensive experience will have a firm understanding of what needs to be done in order to create a successful outbound telemarketing campaign.

It’s also easier to monitor campaign performance if you outsource telemarketing and your dedicated account manager will keep you updated.


There is more to telemarketing than simply making phone calls; it’s also about identifying potential customers and finding a need. 

When outsourcing telemarketing, you can be confident that the telemarketers are used to adapting by contacting different types of organisations and promoting a range of products and services. 

A client’s campaign will be the sole focus of the telemarketers and they will not have the distractions of other responsibilities.

A flexible work schedule is essential for telemarketing campaigns. A skilled and experienced telemarketing company can help you achieve this.

Planning and management of resources

Telemarketing agencies are results-driven and competitive, where everyone is focused on the same, or similar tasks.

A team of highly trained, highly experienced callers enables an outsourced telemarketing company to handle multiple decision makers, functions, sectors, and outcomes simultaneously.

Even with training, it could still be difficult for your own team to match an outsourced team’s capabilities.

It is also possible to apply agency resources at specific times of the day based on the target sector. School calls are often more successful in the afternoon, when decision makers are more accessible. Call targeting may be harder for an in-house team.

Increased return on investment

As previously mentioned, outsourced sales companies can offer a better ROI since they are hired on a contract basis.  This means a consistent, reliable service when you need it without the cost of recruitment, training and management of an internal telemarketing team.

Furthermore, professional lead generation companies have access to databases and resources you don’t.

By reaching a wider audience, they can generate more qualified leads and gain more sales.

Costs and results are both considered when calculating ROI. 

Internal telemarketing costs include:

  • salary of agents and managers,
  • IT and phone costs, and
  • staffing and training

As a general rule, these costs are higher than outsourcing telemarketing, but where outsourcing really excels is in results.

Experienced telemarketers can set appointments, complete more calls, and convert more qualified leads into sales

It may not be for everyone, but most businesses could greatly benefit from using telemarketing companies to aid in their sales efforts.

Consider hiring a team of professionals who can generate leads so that your sales team can do what they do best: sell.

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