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Using Digital Signage For Workplace Safety

SoftwareUsing Digital Signage For Workplace Safety

Nowadays, in any workplace digital signages are used as an effective tool to communicate about the safety messages.

Whether a gentle reminder to put protective eye gear or alerts for an emergency evacuation, digital signages are used as they have attractive images and appealing content. Using digital signage for workplace safety to create awareness can help in reducing accidents.

Apart from safety messages, digital signs can also be used to promote healthy living, which reduces the risk to employee health and enhances the quality of life. Digital signages also increase awareness about flu shots, cancer screening and have many other benefits. Weight management counseling session or gym membership reminders can also be shared through this. Some companies can also use digital signages for posting nutrition tips or increasing use of stairs and can also run promotional campaigns.

Safety team has been giving key priority to using digital signage for workplace safety over paperwork for their on-site safety messages, for training and for integrating safety programs.

For David Rowland, Head of Marketing at Effective Software, health and safety is the responsibility of everyone in an organisation. This may seem tough, but the payoffs are huge: increased productivity of workers, increased bottom line, and greater consumer confidence.

  • Safety Signs via Digital Media

Digital signages are cost-effective and convincing alternate options to primitive static signs. As the digital signages are dynamic in nature, companies can use it for posting multiple safety messages, be it a:

1. Safety Alert

2. Crucial Site Information

3. Non-negotiable rules

4. Weather forecast

5. Safe to home messages

Digital signs offer the ability to include static, animation and video clippings to make communication more effective.

  • Internal Safety messaging

Through digital platforms, corporate communications including safe to home and safe work messaging into company communications and corporate have become easy. With emerging different technologies and content opportunities, the companies are adopting technology to support ongoing communications as digital messages with their team. Digital messages are considered to be more integrative than pushed memos and emails.

Digital can be useful in heightening the awareness of communications in the corporate and it also allows the customize the messages (like updating and changing) according to the environmental and circumstantial factors.

  • Safety Procedures and Processes

Moving the processes and procedures to video platforms gives a refreshing approach to compulsory safety communications while eliminating the paperwork. A visual reminder has proven to be more effective than static alternatives. For instance, visually representing non- negotiable safety measures like:

• Wearing PPE

• Maintaining hydration

• Pre-start Stretching

Humanizing the importance of staying safe while working has become a trend amongst companies which involves safe to-home messaging. Video platforms prove to be more beneficial as visual simulation has a better chance of connecting with people’s emotion. Curating a well-thought video content campaign for any sort of safety message can be an aid in creating awareness and improving the understanding.

  • Health and Well-being Initiatives

One of the most common elements are the health and well-being initiatives taken up by the companies. These programs focus on the physical and mental health of the employees and how it is impacted from work and home environment.

Utilizing digital platforms will have numbers of key benefits in such programs; displaying well-being and key health messages, reminding the team of well-being events or activity.

  • Interactive Mapping

On-site workers deal with a dynamic environment and should understand scheduling, permit knowledge, work updates, project updates and trade crossovers.

With the use of touch-screen technology, interactive mapping helps site supervisors to produce their pre-start information using visual forms and have access to that information for the entire day. Digital sitemaps help supervisors to modify information in real time and keep it handy for any sort of communication.

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