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What is Virtual Addiction Treatment & It’s Benefits?

What is Virtual Addiction Treatment & It's Benefits?

When it comes to substance abuse such as drug addiction or alcoholism, getting help is vital. These problems are diseases and if you do not treat them as such, it can lead to many dangerous and potentially life-threatening problems. That said, there are treatment programs that can help, including options that some may not have considered.

While most realize there are inpatient and intensive outpatient programs (IOP), some don’t realize there are online options for these as well, like virtual IOP to help people learn about and overcome their addiction.

Let’s dive more into the world of virtual addiction treatment and telehealth services for substance abuse.

What is Virtual Addiction Treatment?

While many people think that addiction and mental health treatment is limited to in-person interactions, there are virtual options as well, especially for aftercare programming. Virtual IOP and counseling sessions allow clients to meet over the phone or over an online video chat with addiction professionals and counselors to provide them with the treatment they need.

These sessions would work in the same way that any other in-person session would. For example, if it is a cognitive behavioral therapy session, clients would work with the counselor to identify problematic lines of thinking that are causing or contributing to their substance abuse issue and work to rewire these thoughts — just like they would do in an in-person session.

Benefits of Meeting Virtually

At this point, you may be asking, “well, why would I want to do a virtual counseling session?” Obviously, this is a valid question as you may think in-person sessions are more valuable. While this may be the case, virtual counseling sessions allow clients to meet in certain circumstances that wouldn’t otherwise allow it.

For instance, while COVID seems to be on its way out, there are still some people looking to limit in-person contact with others, virtual IOP sessions would allow this while still helping them get the treatment they need.

Another example would be an individual who has to travel for something such as a family tragedy, a business trip, or another reason. For these moments, a virtual counseling session would let them continue their treatment programming and stay on track.

Overall, if you or a loved one are dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction problem and are interested in learning more about treatment options, including virtual counseling — seek out an addiction professional immediately.

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